Introducing the Lisk Center Tokyo

In April 2020, Lisk partnered with BINARYSTAR, the biggest blockchain dedicated co-working space and business hub in Japan. BINARYSTAR is located in the center of Ginza in Tokyo on the 11th floor of the landmark building “Kirarito Ginza”. This is a prime location facing Chuo Avenue, the main highstreet in Ginza district. In addition to providing a coworking space, BINARYSTAR offers support with marketing, business development, and events. The purpose of this long-term collaboration is to increase Lisk’s exposure in Japan as well as elsewhere throughout the Asia region.

By Lisk

23 Jun 2020


Lisk Center Tokyo

With the former Elite Center being closed since May, we decided to search for a reliable alternative to offer our community an alternative meeting point. The logical conclusion was to move the Lisk Center to the business hub together with our strategic partner BINARYSTAR. This in turn will provide the local Lisk community with a space to meet, to organize future meetups, and to engage with other blockchain enthusiasts from the space.

We also want to offer the other members of BINARYSTAR the opportunity to learn more about Lisk through offline marketing materials such as flyers, banners, and stickers. We believe that this will be a great starting point for them to get onboarded with Lisk. BINARYSTAR intends to support Lisk in other online and offline marketing initiatives that are currently under discussion.

Unlike the Lisk Center Utrecht, which is a Lisk dedicated space for local developers and blockchain enthusiasts, our Lisk Center in Tokyo is part of a large business hub with members from other projects and businesses within the blockchain industry. This gives us also the opportunity to build and strengthen business relationships, whilst simultaneously taking the full advantage of the BINARYSTAR infrastructure.

Lisk Center Tokyo will connect developers and entrepreneurs not only online via social media platforms, but also offline within the business hub. You can read more about this collaboration in the press release.


Host Events and Community Meetups

We encourage our community members from Japan to get together in the BINARYSTAR space, to build proof of concept blockchain applications, and attend events. The BINARYSTAR event venue can be used free-of-charge by community members who wish to host Lisk related meetups. As part of this strategic partnership, all our Lisk community members will benefit from priority access with a discounted fee when renting private offices in the BINARYSTAR business hub.

We hope to be back in Tokyo in 2020 to meet the Japanese community and host a meetup at BINARYSTAR. However, due to the current circumstances, if that will not be possible, we plan to be digitally present as well as host an online meetup in the upcoming months.


What is Lisk? Page in Japanese

In order to make Lisk even more accessible and move closer to the local community, we have also translated our What is Lisk page in Japanese. The purpose of this one page is to provide the most relevant information about Lisk in a concise manner.

Therefore, newcomers can find general facts about the project and learn more about the Lisk Wallet, the Apps built with the Lisk SDK, and also the Japanese exchanges where LSK tokens can be purchased.