Introducing the Lisk Community Squad

As a consequence of Lisk’s growth, development, and expansion we felt the need to encourage and include core community members even further by giving them a chance to make a difference in our community and ecosystem. We called them the Lisk Community Squad, and they are the voice of our community. This blog post provides further information as to what led to the creation of the squad, the actual roles, and responsibilities of the current team members as well as an insight on how to join.

By Lisk

22 Jun 2021

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The Squad

At the moment, the Lisk Community Squad is composed of 11 individuals that prior to joining the squad were already remarkably engaged and active as moderators within the community at, our Discord server.

Initially, the idea for such a group was proposed by a few core community members, and later implemented by our team at Lisk. At present, these are the current members:

  • Carbonara
  • Jurre | Moosty
  • Raphael | Moosty
  • Corbifex | Moosty
  • Liskpoland
  • Minions
  • Przemer
  • Tom -
  • TonyT908
  • Ultrafresh

Roles and Responsibilities

So what does the squad actually do? Well, it starts and ends with the Lisk developer community in mind. In essence, the main goal of the group is to gather feedback, put forward improvement proposals based on this, and consequently have them implemented both by the team at Lisk and also by the squad themselves as they have the freedom to do so.

Currently, the Lisk Community Squad has weekly meetings internally to discuss areas of improvement, as well as monthly calls with Lisk’s marketing team in order to discuss potential activities, changes, and opportunities for growth and improvement.

To be part of the Lisk Community Squad is to be at the forefront and the voice of Lisk’s community, and to make a positive impact on the Lisk project on a practical and consistent basis. Furthermore, every member of the squad is working voluntarily on their specific topics whereby they feel they can add the most value.

Finally, it is important to note that the squad is not at all a closed ecosystem, meaning that anyone who has similar interests and values could potentially apply and join, as long as they have the drive to contribute productively towards Lisk’s community.

How to Get Involved

According to the Lisk Community Squad, “anybody who has a positive mindset and willingness to help should be included”. Therefore, here are the main requirements for one to join the squad:

  • To be consistently active within the community;
  • Remain positive at all times;
  • Demonstrate a high level of interest.

As a group, although the squad has different roles and responsibilities, which generally, depending on one’s area of expertise, the whole team works together across all the channels (Discord, Telegram, and Reddit being the most important ones). This often involves moderation duties, community engagement, creating proposals, and initiatives to help the project succeed.

Lisk Squad’s Victories

Here are a few examples of Lisk’s collaboration with the Lisk Community Squad:

Since its creation, the Lisk Community Squad has played a vital role in both promoting Lisk and our products to a wide audience of developers and also in engaging with our existing community, promoting positivity, inclusion, and interest within the community.

Newly Implemented Community Board

In order for the community to keep track of the squad’s progress and/or check the Lisk proposals they are currently working on, we have created a Trello board, where you can follow all tasks in progress, completed and even the ones we have discarded. In addition to this, we have decided to keep this board public so that the community can make their own suggestions and contributions.


Join the Lisk Community Squad

As aforementioned, being part of the Lisk Community Squad allows for each member to actively participate and see their efforts coming into fruition with the goal in mind to make the Lisk community a welcoming and engaging environment for existing community members and newcomers.

The Lisk Community Squad is the face and voice of our community, which we value immensely, therefore, the group is often included in internal discussions and brainstorming sessions. In addition to this, the group has an exclusive communication channel on our Discord server with members from the team at Lisk, resulting in the fast execution of all relevant requests and proposals.

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to join our community on Discord if you haven’t already, and message one of the members of the squad for more information (use the tag @CommunitySquad in order to reach out).