Introducing the Lisk Accelerator to Bring Out the Be(a)st in You!

So, you lack funding for your Web3 project? Or maybe you’re stuck on some technical detail your team can’t fix. And now everyone is losing patience because they don’t want to waste time. Maybe some team members were skeptical about the whole Web3 thing in the first place…

Good, let’s talk about how to solve this.

By Lisk

05 Apr 2023


How does a Web3 grant of up to 250K CHF, including ongoing support from Web3 and blockchain experts, and a community for backup sound to you? And, we don’t ask for any equity from you.

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We thought this might interest you.

But first, you need to be sure that you are sincere about your Web3 project. It’s critical that you have the conviction to pursue it and bring it to success. Web3 offers opportunities to break boundaries and drive changes that are still difficult to grasp.

Entrepreneurs who are dedicated and driven can create completely new experiences for end-users and help make business fairer, safer, more connected, and less convoluted while generating revenue for their companies. If that sounds like you, let’s move on.

How to get support and funding for your Web3 project?

There are many Web3 grants that help you get through a financial bottleneck. You can apply for a Crypto grant, or a specific DeFi grant, or GameFi grant. However, you might need patience because blockchain grant programs can take months to come through. We’re guessing you don’t have time to waste on waiting. When you have a well-thought-out idea and concept, you’re itching to get going.


Web3 funding isn’t the only challenge you’ll face when building an app on the blockchain. There’ll be times you wish you had someone you can turn to for knowledge, experience, or practical advice about the specific architecture of your blockchain, tokenomics, go-to-market strategies or any of the Web3-specific features. It’s those moments that you realize what you got yourself into.

Web3 projects can be unique and challenging in many ways. But they don’t have to be.

Build on Lisk with Lisk Accelerator grant program

Lisk offers a platform that makes Web3 app building simple. Javascript and Typescript developers don’t need to learn a new programming language and can leverage the modular structure of the Lisk SDK. You can read about it here (oh no, don’t go now, finish this article first).

With the Lisk Accelerator grant program, you can get funding and support every step of the way, from idea to implementation, strategizing, scaling all the way to being profitable. That’s a big promise. We’ll tell you what it practically means in the following list of unique and significant benefits.

What you get with Lisk Accelerator


The highest amount of funding an app can get is 250K CHF. You receive this amount in four stages. Each time you successfully complete one stage, you apply for the next. Ownership belongs entirely to you, we don’t ask for any equity in the project.

Support from internal professionals

Lisk has a team of long-time experts ready to support you from day one. They are there to personally answer your questions regarding the development and creation of your app on the platform. You can contact them directly via live chat whenever you need. You also get access to relevant documentation to help guide you through the possibilities.


Support from external experts

In various stages of the process, we put you in contact with our external partners: renowned names in the Web3 space. In the early stages, companies such as blockchain technology enabler Accubits and software developer Ideasoft assist in product development. You’ll get guidance on crypto best practices and tokenomics. CV Labs is another one of our partners and teams that make it to the fourth stage - the Boster Grand - even get the chance to take part in their 4-weeks bootcamp.

Further in the process, you enjoy support in branding and go-to-market strategies all the way to ongoing PR activities from MarketAcross and others. You can see a full list of our partners here.

Community support

Lisk has a community of builders and users who are in a similar position as you, or already have a running Web3 app. In addition to community channels on Discord, Telegram and Reddit, workshops and community events are open to you. You can tap into the experience of an entire community that is passionate and knowledgeable about Web3 and Lisk.


Fast initial screening and ongoing evaluation

We know you’re eager to get started the moment you apply. Therefore, we’ve made the initial signup and screening process as efficient as possible and you’ll receive an answer within two weeks.

Having said that, keep in mind, you need to first convince our review commitee that your project has true potential and you have what it takes to go all the way. If you do, you gain a true partner and sponsor. You’re not just one among hundreds of projects.

If a project gets accepted into the accelerator, we truly believe that it can and will succeed. And we have experience with this.

That’s also why we’ve built the Lisk Accelerator in stages. Once you complete a funding stage, you can apply for the next. This allows you and our team to evaluate your project at every stage and guarantee full and personal support to the best Web3 apps.


Apply for Lisk Accelerator Blockchain Grant Program

With this type of funding, support, and guidance, you’ll never get stranded or stuck on any issue. The accelerator maximizes your chances of building a profitable, high-quality Web3 app.

Here’s where you can learn more about the program and apply: Lisk Accelerator

Still not sure it’s for you? We understand. A lot of people have questions about the program. We collected and answered them on the Lisk Accelerator FAQs page.

Or maybe you’re still assessing the option of developing and building with Lisk. If so, you’ll find it helpful to read about how to build with Lisk SDK here. The Lisk Learn section has more general information

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