Join our mission – The Lisk Ambassador Program

The Lisk Ambassador program enters its third iteration. Become part of the Lisk family and help us to bring the benefits of Web3 to everyone.

By Lisk

28 Mar 2023


The Lisk Ambassador program puts our mission in your hands. Together, we will grow our community and make Web3 accessible for everyone. On your journey, you will learn new skills, network in one of tomorrow's biggest industries and make a name for yourself.

What could this journey look like?

Now Developer Relations Manager at Lightcurve, Edward Trosclair, took a trip down memory lane and reminisced on his own time as a Lisk ambassador.

Before joining the first Ambassador program, Edward was already part of our open and welcoming community. The latter inspired him to make his foray into Web3 and, ultimately, his dream come true.

The dream to make it in Web3

“I would say the motivation was always that I wanted to be a part of blockchain and crypto. To make it in Web3 was my dream. And Lisk really represented the access to that dream.

I always thought of Lisk as a place where you're able to get that kind of grassroot entry point into Web3. You learn the ins and outs and become a contributing member of the community.

There have always been support structures, and the Ambassador Program is one of them. But all our programs the [Lisk Accelerator, Ambassador, Assistants and Community Bounty programs] align with this mission of accessibility.

People have been able to start from the bottom. I'm kind of an example of that.”

Join our mission and bring Web3 to everyone

Members of our family have their own motivations for joining the movement. But our mission is to bring the benefits of Web3 to everyone.

For Andrew Wood, Community Manager at Lightcurve, Web3 is opening a new chapter for humanity. He is a driving force behind the Ambassador Program. As such, he wants to encourage you to open a new chapter of your own and drive the evolution forward.

Communities and network effects “The value of a network can be measured by the square of its number of users.” – Metcalfe’s law In short, being connected is better. Web3 communities stand out in today's individualistic societies. They gather people around a common cause. United by mutual goals, they have the means to move their network forward. And each new member is adding value to the network.

Your life as a Lisk Ambassador

As a Lisk ambassador, you leap our mission forward. As part of the family, you nurture and grow your local community. As your own genius, you do it in a way that is natural to you.

Edward remembers his first step as an ambassador:

“We slowly started identifying some local areas that had meetup groups. Groups that had an interest in learning about blockchain.

Then, we hosted our own meetups around the United States.

And we answered the call to universities that wanted to have a presentation on blockchain. So we brought them Lisk.”

This was his way to propel our mission. But you may walk on another path. Creativity is welcome, impact is the goal.

Here are a few things you could do with your time:

  • Educate and empower with articles
  • Engage with campaigns
  • Inspire new members in conversations
  • Invite local speakers
  • Host interview sessions
  • Represent us at meetups, workshops, and hackathons
  • Collaborate with foundations, startup incubators, and university groups to co-host events
  • Share your means of success with other ambassadors
  • Provide us with local insights from your community

As a Lisk ambassador, you are the bridge between the Lisk project and the community. You make the integration of your community into the ecosystem seamless. And you forward relationships and ideas to us.

Make ideas come true

This matters, because most great ideas never come to fruition. We want to change that.

Ideas from you and your community could be the killer Web3 app of tomorrow. You may not have the resources to build it. But we do.

Our business development funnels interesting, actionable and disruptive ideas into a project that can turn them into reality. The intellectual property stays with the owner.

Earn rewards Ambassadors can also receive LSK tokens for completing specific tasks. Each month you will work closely with your program contact to plan your activities. Hours will be set based on this plan.


  • Maximum Monthly Hours: 20 @ $20 per hour ($400 in LSK)

Senior Ambassador

  • Maximum Monthly Hours: 32 @ $20 per hour ($640 in LSK)
  • Eligible for Quarterly Performance Bonus ($100-$500 in LSK)

The perfect candidate might be you

Our family is about to get bigger. Are you a Lisk enthusiast and,

  • part of an existing Web3 community,
  • have an established online presence or
  • access to organizations, such as a meet-up group or a university blockchain club?

Just one of these things could make you a perfect Lisk Ambassador candidate.

Yesterday’s participants become today’s leaders

“The previous programs have developed strong community members into some of our best long-term contributors.” Andrew reminisce and continue, “Some of the people who make the biggest impact in the community are people who have gone through the program.”

The third iteration of the Lisk Ambassador Program was soft launched on February 1. During the soft launch, the program leaders emerged. All are long-term community members.

Bring your genius to Web3

The Lisk Ambassador Program is your ticket to the Web3 world. Join us in our mission and journey. Together, let's bring the benefits of blockchain to everyone.

Tell us about your passion for Web3 and why you are the right candidate for us. Apply for the Ambassador Program today.