JSConfEU 2018 Recap

Lightcurve, the consultancy behind Lisk, recently attended and sponsored major JavaScript conference JSConf EU 2018 in Berlin. Major companies, startups and influential figures were present, including giants like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

By Lisk

11 Jun 2018

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With six team members in attendance, a big booth and eye-catching banners, Lisk made a real splash at the event. Many of the visitors to our booth wanted to know what a blockchain company was doing at a JavaScript conference — we took such questions as opportunities to explain blockchain (many of the developers were unaware of the technology), why Lisk chose to use JavaScript, as well as how JavaScript enables us to make blockchain accessible for people just like them. We also told them about the Lisk Academy as a means to learn all about blockchain.

The greatest part about the conference was the energy — to see just how engaged developers in the JavaScript community are, coming from all corners of the world to connect over JavaScript and discuss ideas and goals that will shape the future. We even had the chance to meet many influential people, including Redux creator Dan Abramov.


As one would expect from a developer conference, it was very focused on education and knowledge-sharing. In fact, about 15% of the attendees at the conference attended through a scholarship program. There was even a Community Lounge, which served as a spotlight for incredible community initiatives, including lightning talks, VR installments, as well as meet and greet with presenters.

Many presentations at the conference had a focus on ethics and how to effectively find solutions to errors, as errors and debugging are part of everyday work life for a programmer. There were also a number of deep dives; for example, GitHub software engineer Shelley Vohr held a talk about asynchronous programming, while web developer Marcy Sutton’s presentation focused on the promotion of accessibility - something that Lisk is all about.

We also learned about the next JavaScript features that are expected to change the way we write code — Array.prototype.flatMap, pipeline operator, partial application, and bind operator in a talk led by frontend developer William Martins.

Charlie Gerard, a software developer at ThoughtWorks, gave a presentation and demonstration of brain-controlled JavaScript that was very fascinating — she has been developing an open source JavaScript framework for a brain sensor she has been working on that allows for the control of interfaces or robots with the use of facial expressions and mental commands.

Tara Vancil, co-founder of Blue Link Labs, also gave a presentation on the peer-to-peer web — an experiment to re-imagine web publishing without servers. She even built and deployed a website on-stage with only the use of a browser and text editor. It was incredible to hear about the most up-to-date industry trends and happenings from the most influential minds in JavaScript.

The Lisk Team