L2 Progress Report and Upcoming Milestones

As we turn the page to a new chapter in the story of Lisk, we’re excited to share with you the current plans and upcoming milestones. Our dedication to democratizing blockchain accessibility for builders and users alike is as strong as ever. Here’s a preview of what lies ahead, as we move towards Ethereum and the Optimism Superchain.

By Lisk

24 Jan 2024

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Focus for 2024: Launching the Lisk L2 & Ecosystem

The primary focus for 2024 is not just the successful launch of the Lisk L2 Mainnet but also the cultivation of an ecosystem around it. While the launch will bring us up to industry standards, more is needed to kick off a network effect. That’s why we’re working with the best providers in Web3 to bootstrap essential applications and services, and deliver the highest quality experience for builders out of the box.

Additionally, we’re planning the marketing campaigns, incentive programs, and events that will put Lisk in the spotlight. Our partners are leading Web3 companies who have a proven track record of success. We’ll also have a presence at numerous top conferences and hackathons. Along this road, we’ll meet the Ambassadors and Advocates who will champion our message and help us enter new geographical markets.

Progress Since Our Last Public Announcement

We want to share what has been happening internally since we announced the move to an L2 on December 19, 2023. In the past several weeks, we have:

1) Started working on a live testnet preparation with Gelato.

2) Finalized partnership agreements with:

  • Serotonin
    • A leading Web3 marketing agency to support our marketing strategy for the upcoming year and beyond.
  • Outlier Ventures
    • A Web3 VC, accelerator, and founder community for consultation on our plans to migrate the LSK token to Ethereum as an ERC-20 token.

3) Kicked off a brand refresh process with the same team that already produced:

4) Currently working with key partners:

  • The Colecti team on the handover of the L1 (more information will be shared by the Colecti team over the next weeks)
  • Optimism, Gelato, and Serotonin on GTM plans and best practices around launching a Layer-2

5) Arranging security audits for ERC-20 and claims contracts for the token migration.

Additionally, we are hiring new Heads of Marketing and Business Development to lead and further build out those teams.

2024 Milestones

On the road to our user launch, these are the milestones that must be achieved:

Testnet Launch - Q1 (Targeting February)

With this milestone, we are launching a Lisk L2 Testnet connected to the Ethereum Sepolia Testnet and the associated documentation for it. Our goal is to make our Testnet as similar as possible to our future L2 Mainnet, including the configuration of the OP Stack as well as the tooling we support. This way, we provide developers with a great testing ground for their apps before going into production on our mainnet. This will be an essential first step in helping our existing builders transition to the Lisk L2 as well as getting new builders started.

  • L2 Testnet Release (with key services live, including a bridge, block explorer, and RPC provider)
  • Sufficient documentation for developers to start building on the network
  • A landing page connected with the testnet bridge and documentation

Announcement of the Lisk L2 Details - Q1 (Targeting March)

In this announcement, we plan to provide further information that is key to the Lisk L2 moving forward. Additionally, we will explain how the token migration works and provide details about future initiatives for token holders, such as onchain governance, staking, and airdrops. Including:

  • Roadmap to Mainnet
  • Superchain contributions
  • Grant program structure
  • Airdrops, staking, and other incentives
  • Token migration details
  • Event attendances

Developer Launch - Q2 (Targeting April)

Our primary aim with the developer launch is to establish a strong foundation that the ecosystem can grow from. The period bridging this launch and the user launch is dedicated to securing vital infrastructure apps, including a decentralized exchange (DEX). Notably, the term "developer launch" highlights that, during this stage, our primary audience comprises developers, recognizing their pivotal role in bringing these applications to life on our platform. With their help, we aspire to curate a diverse collection of apps, ensuring a vibrant platform awaits the broader user base on Mainnet.

  • Launch of a live developer network with key services live, such as an oracle, bridge, block explorer, RPC provider, etc.
  • LSK token migration (around the same time)
  • LSK token-related functionalities for the users (DAO, staking)
  • New Lisk website with full brand-refresh made public

Public User Launch (Mainnet) - TBD Q3 / Q4

At this stage, the Lisk L2 Mainnet has matured and attracted a sufficient number of exciting apps to be ready for mainstream users. The main goal for this milestone is to focus more on onboarding new users to the Lisk ecosystem, especially in our target markets. We are planning an extensive marketing campaign around the user launch, possibly including token or NFT airdrops, to clearly mark the start of a new phase for Lisk in Ethereum and as part of the Superchain.

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