Launching the Lisk Enterprises Portal

Lisk is excited to announce the launch of the Lisk Enterprises portal on We are now actively looking for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to collaborate with on developing proof of concept blockchain applications and to learn more about their business requirements.

By Lisk

02 Apr 2020


Our Lisk SDK is steadily progressing during its alpha stage, therefore we have created an internal roadmap to target enterprises. We believe Lisk is approaching a status at which it makes sense to explore collaboration opportunities, in particular with the goal of developing proof of concept blockchain applications.

We identified that one of the first steps to establish such relationships is to create a simple and convenient entry point for enterprises into Lisk. The entry point should illustrate how Lisk can support enterprises to develop blockchain applications for their challenges, educate about the benefits of blockchain technology and showcase how it can be applied in several industries.

The current portal is just at its beginning and includes only a limited amount of content. With time, more information will be added. Potentially including a comparison of Lisk with other blockchain SDKs or use case analyses.

The current focus of the portal is to announce Lisk’s aspiration to collaborate with enterprises and to provide ideas for proof of concept blockchain application development. If you are a small or medium sized enterprise and interested in exploring blockchain technology or developing a proof of concept blockchain application with the Lisk SDK, feel free to contact us!