Lisk 2019 - Year in Review

Another year has passed, and there have been many positive developments that occurred during the previous 12 months for Lisk. We’ve highlighted the most important achievements from 2019, and these technical and social milestones can be seen below.

By Michiel Mulders

08 Jan 2020

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A Technical Overview

Lisk Mobile 1.0

On a technical level, a lot of progress has been made and various new updates have happened. Firstly, a major version of Lisk Mobile. Lisk Mobile 1.0 has been released on the 29th of April for Android and iOS.

This release comes with the ability to securely create and access Bitcoin accounts. Furthermore, Lisk Mobile 1.0 offers the facility to send, receive, and request Bitcoin, and finally to access your Bitcoin transaction history.

### Alpha SDK

During the previous year, the release of the Alpha SDK occurred, together with the release of Lisk Core 2.0.0. This release has been an important milestone for the project. The Alpha SDK allows developers to spin up their own blockchain network. In addition, the Alpha SDK offers the ability to start experimenting with custom transactions.

### Proof of Concepts: Lisk Bills and Lisk Transport

The release of the Lisk Alpha SDK required the creation of two new proof of concepts. Lisk Bills introduces a simple invoice application that registers a payment request and the actual payment on the blockchain, both via two different custom transactions. Please rewatch the webinar on Lisk’s Youtube channel.


The second proof of concept (PoC) has been created for the developer workshop at the lisk.js 2019 event. Lisk Transport tries to blockchainify the packet delivery process. The full workshop tutorial can also be found in the Lisk documentation.

Finalization of DPoS LIPs

At the end of September 2019, the research team announced the finalization of three new DPoS LIPs designed to change the current voting system for Lisk. This proposal was originally published in February 2019 on the Lisk Research Forum. This thread generated significant attention, and initiated lively discussions regarding the Lisk Improvement Proposal. The finalization of these LIPs resulted in substantial progress for the “Network Consensus” milestone on the Lisk roadmap.

SDK Monorepo.

Before the release of the Alpha SDK came to fruition it was decided to merge different Lisk products into a monorepo structure. This new monorepo also introduced the beginning of the Lisk Framework.

Lisk Framework is an application framework responsible for establishing and maintaining the interactions between the modules of a Lisk blockchain application.

Furthermore, Lisk Framework aims to provide a consistent and intuitive interface between each module and component. Currently, Lisk Framework establishes interactions between the Chain, API, and Network modules.

The next section reviews the Lisk social events that occurred during the previous year of 2019.

Lisk’s Social Presence

In order to increase brand awareness and to facilitate expansion with regard to global networking, Lisk has been present at numerous key conferences globally last year. A few of these conferences are listed below:

In addition to these speaking opportunities, in 2019 Lisk hosted 2 webinars, 5 meetups in Berlin, and held presentations at 23 meetups in different countries around the world. A remarkable presence for Lisk in 2019 was the Berlin Blockchain Week last August where we attended or organized a total of 10 events.

lisk.js 2019

However, the most fundamental achievement for Lisk which happened last year was the lisk.js 2019 event. This is an annual Lisk developer-focused event that takes place in the heart of Berlin. It consists of the culmination of all the combined development and research efforts of the Lisk project, together with the ecosystem including valuable discussions and dialogue from the community members.

The lisk.js event consisted of a full day of workshops, talks, and a panel discussion. The lisk.js aftermovie can be found on Lisk’s Youtube channel, or alternatively, read the recap article on the Lisk blog. You can also pre-order your ticket for lisk.js 2020 here.

The following list below provides some interesting statistics from the 2019 lisk.js event:

  • Total number of attendees: 183
  • Total number of code submissions: 13
  • Total number of nationalities: 18
  • 77% of attendees were from Germany
  • Total number of presentations held: 14

Apart from boosting our social and technical presence, Lisk also managed to achieve some further exceptional achievements as well in 2019 which are briefly described below.

Further Achievements

Kraken Exchange Listing

One important milestone includes the Kraken exchange listing. Since the19th of November 2019, Lisk can now be found on the Kraken exchange. This was a very important accomplishment for Lisk, as Kraken offers direct fiat trading pairs such as LSK/USD and LSK/EUR. In addition to this, Kraken also offers LSK/XBT and LSK/ETH.

Lisk Builders Program.

During the lisk.js 2019 event, the Lisk Builders Program was announced. This program has been designed to support developers who wish to build using funding with Lisk. The main goal is to build proof of concepts using the Lisk Alpha SDK.

Opening of the Lisk Center, Utrecht.

Finally, on the 21st of February 2019, the Lisk Center Utrecht (LCU) was opened. The center acts as an open blockchain hub for enthusiasts who wish to learn more about blockchain, and specifically about Lisk. Furthermore, the LCU has an accelerator role for blockchain-focused startups.

LCUs activities include PoC development such as Lisk.Bike, marketing and content creation, community and event management; and an abundance of technical blockchain information.


We are striving to perform even better in 2020, and are currently working to achieve additional important milestones within our roadmap, such as changing the voting system, implementing dynamic fees, changing the addressing system, and much more...

Lisk is on a mission to enable developers to create decentralized, efficient, and transparent blockchain applications. Join us: