Lisk 2021 - Year in Review

The year is coming to an end and we would like to take this opportunity to summarize the most important accomplishments.

In 2021, despite the current pandemic situation, Lisk accomplished a multitude of achievements and other incredibly important milestones.  From the successful and largest network migration to the hosting of a brand new blockchain event, ​​this blog post covers the highlights of the past twelve months.

By Lisk

30 Dec 2021


Lisk’s Biggest Achievements in 2021

This year, the Lisk project has witnessed the successful completion of a few of the most crucial milestones since its inception. In August 2021, we completed the Emerald phase of our development and started the Sapphire stage that will finally lead the project to the official launch of its blockchain application platform.

The completion of the Emerald phase was possible thanks to the successful migration to the Lisk Mainnet v3, the most significant protocol change to ever occur on the Lisk blockchain and arguably the biggest update to a running production blockchain ever.

In addition to this, we have completed the Lisk Interoperability Solution research and published 25 Lisk Improvement Proposals (LIPs), establishing a new standard for the whole blockchain industry.

Other Remarkable Achievements in 2021

In 2021 we’ve also:

Lisk Marketing in 2021

2021 was also a breakthrough year for Marketing at Lisk. For the first time, we organized an online hackathon for the Lisk ecosystem – HackOnLisk. Moreover, we have managed to conduct not one but two editions of the event. We have received over 300 registrations and awarded developers from all around the world with over $80,000 ($33,000 in the 1st edition, $48,000 in the 2nd edition). You can check out all the nominees on our YouTube channel:

In addition, this year we have also introduced the Lisk Grant Program – another initiative created to attract entrepreneurs and developers into our ecosystem. All the successful applicants received 60,000CHF funding and technical support to develop their Lisk-based blockchain applications. Furthermore, we are proud to mention that we have already awarded four very prospective projects:

  • Colecti an NFT marketplace powered by Lisk
  • Kalipo a platform to support DAOs
  • Enevti a decentralized social media NFT platform
  • DoEdu a blockchain-based educational platform

In case you want to know more about the projects, you can reach out directly to the founders at!

As aforementioned, both initiatives (HackOnLisk and Lisk Grant Program) were announced during our main 2021 events – Lisk.js and AmpliFire. The former being very much focused on developers and our main technical breakthroughs. This year’s edition of Lisk.js was all about Lisk Interoperability. 12 speakers provided a deep dive into our solution, announcing 4 new research goals:

  • Lisk Bridges
  • Reducing time to finality
  • Generalizing fee system
  • Relayer incentivization

AmpliFire, on the other hand, was designed to attract everyone to the Lisk ecosystem. In December, we have all gathered in Berlin (and on YouTube livestream) to talk about the most significant achievements of 2021 and announcements for 2022. Over 2900 guests had a chance to listen to 10 speakers who provided some essential information about the Lisk project’s development.


This event also allowed us to finally present The Ultimate Vision for the project: making Lisk the most accessible blockchain application in the world. Therefore, in the upcoming years, we will focus on:

  • Building a Fiat On-Ramp for LSK
  • Creating a Lisk DEX
  • Enabling developers to create exchanges for Lisk
  • Creating Lisk Bridges and thus implementing Lisk Interoperability Solution
  • Expanding our Team’s size
  • Establishing new revenue streams and making Lisk Foundation sustainable

Additionally, It is also worth mentioning that in 2021 we reached 200,000 followers on Twitter and published over 70 blog posts. Something we could not be more proud and excited about!

Lightcurve and the Lisk Foundation in 2021

All the events and achievements mentioned would not be possible without the continuous support from both Lisk Foundation & Lightcurve. To help us with our mission of making Lisk the most accessible blockchain application platform in the world, we hired 11 new team members, strengthening i.a. Marketing and Development departments.


Lisk in 2022 – the best is yet to come!

Although 2021 was very successful not only for Lisk but the blockchain industry as a whole, we strongly believe that the best is yet to come. During this year’s events, we have announced our bold and loud plans for 2022, with the primary goal of releasing Lisk Interoperability Solution next year.

In 2022, we plan to release Lisk SDK v6 and finally launch the Lisk Platform.

If you are afraid you might miss our future announcements, worry not. As our marketing team and budget increase 5 times we will ensure Lisk is everywhere!

Thank you for your continuous support.