Lisk's Airdrop Season Kicks Off with the #HodlerDrop!

As Lisk transitions to its L2 form, we are excited to announce the first of several upcoming Airdrops: The Lisk HodlerDrop! In this blog post, we’ll tell you more about the upcoming airdrops and explain to you how to make the most of it!

06 May 2024

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Get Ready: Multiple Airdrops Ahead!

The wait is finally over! Lisk's airdrop season has arrived, perfectly timed with the migration to the new L2. In the coming months, we will introduce a series of airdrops designed to spark activity and get the momentum going, with a total of 15 million LSK allocated for it.

You know it, we’re committed to delivering an excellent experience. To achieve this, we've partnered with a leading airdrop management platform to be announced soon. This platform features a points-based leaderboard and a user-friendly interface, ensuring you can participate in airdrops and enjoy maximum benefits seamlessly.

Over the next few months, our airdrop strategy will cater to different segments of our community. Understanding the critical role developers play in any blockchain, we've reserved a special airdrop exclusively for them. This includes a significant allocation of LSK for developers to create high-quality smart contracts on Lisk L2. More details on the upcoming DevDrop will follow shortly.

And because the true value of developers' work is realized when users actively engage with their projects, users of Lisk will have the opportunity to start earning points concurrently with the developer launch through several UserDrops aimed at attracting quality participants and expanding our community.

Excited? So are we. But first, let's dive into our first airdrop, the #HodlerDrop!

HodlerDrop?! What’s that?

The HodlerDrop aims to reward our OG community with a substantial total of 3 million LSK based on participation and holdings at Migration time.

To take full advantage of this opportunity, it will be crucial for all participants to understand the eligibility criteria for the HodlerDrop.

Here's what you need to know:

  • LSK Balance at Migration: Generally, the more you hold, the greater your potential reward! Don’t forget to hold your LSK in your personal, non-custodial wallet at the time of migration from Lisk v4 to the Lisk L2 (block 24,823,618, approximately May 21, 2024, 8:00 AM CET). A minimum balance of 50 LSK is required to qualify.
  • Exclusion of Exchange and Foundation Addresses: We're focusing this airdrop on you, our active community members. Thus, LSK stored on exchanges or in Onchain foundation addresses will not be eligible, ensuring the rewards are distributed fairly to all true believers!

Receiving your Airdrop

To receive the full amount of your potential airdrop, your participation in several key activities is going to be essential. The good news is, we’ve made sure those requirements will be helpful to you and get you familiarized with Lisk L2's functionalities while securing the platform's operation and governance.

Additionally, these requirements promote a long-term commitment to the Lisk ecosystem.This approach also allows a fair distribution of rewards, focusing on users who are genuinely interested in supporting and growing with the platform. While the full requirements details will be announced in a blogpost shortly after the token migration, here’s a preview of what you’ll have to do:

  1. Claim new ERC-20 LSK Tokens: You will need to claim your LSK tokens on the Lisk L2 using the claims contract on the Lisk Portal. This is a crucial step as your airdrop potential will be linked to the new ERC-20 LSK tokens you hold.
  2. Stake your LSK on Lisk L2: Network commitment is paramount! With Lisk L2's upcoming staking program, LSK holders will be able to earn yields. The amount of LSK airdropped to you will depend on both the quantity of LSK staked and the duration of your stake. A minimum of one month will be required for eligibility.
  3. Delegating Voting Power in Lisk DAO: To allow for a robust governance system, you will have to delegate voting power within the Lisk DAO. You’ll be able to delegate to another person or to yourself if you wish to participate directly in Lisk’s governance.
  4. Receiving your Airdrop: Once you’ve completed all the required actions, you will be able to receive your airdrop via the Lisk Portal. The interface will guide you through each step and show you at all times how much of the airdrop you can claim.

We encourage everyone eligible to participate fully, migrate their LSK, engage with the new functionalities, and stake their LSK.

This airdrop is designed to be more than a reward; it's an invitation to be an integral part of Lisk's growth and success! Stay tuned for more updates and details on the token migration, the HodlerDrop and further upcoming airdrops.