Lisk Builders: Interview with Kasra Abbaszadeh

The “Lisk Builders interviews” is a short series of blog posts, each of them featuring one previous participant of the Lisk Builders program. The Lisk Builders program provided a financial incentive for developers to build proof of concept blockchain applications using the Lisk SDK.

We devised a short set of questions, to learn exactly what motivated the participants to apply for this program, how they enjoyed the development experience with the Lisk SDK, and finally what are their future plans and projects.

In the second interview of this series, Kasra shares his thoughts and experiences of developing his first blockchain application Nash Stablecoin, which implemented a proof of concept algorithmic stablecoin.

By Lisk

16 Feb 2021


Hello Kasra. Thank you for joining the Lisk Builders program and our “Lisk Builders interviews” blog series. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Kasra: My name is Kasra Abbaszadeh. I am an undergraduate student at the Sharif University of Technology (Tehran, Iran) with an interest in blockchains and decentralized systems.

How did you learn about Lisk and the Lisk Builders program?

Kasra: Last summer, I was working as an intern at a blockchain company, Rastak Media Sepehr. They introduced Lisk to me. My job was first studying the technical foundations of this platform and capabilities of the Lisk SDK, then participating in the Lisk Builder's program and trying to build a Dapp on top of this platform.

What was your motivation to apply for the Lisk Builders program?

Kasra: As a developer, when you have a blockchain based idea, the Lisk SDK is one of the best ways to test your idea. It has enough features to implement a typical PoC application. On the other side, the Lisk Builder’s program can help you present your idea and get support and feedback from the community for future developments. All of these advantages encouraged me more to participate in the Lisk Builder’s program.

How was your development experience with the Lisk SDK?

Kasra: The project development took about one month. It was a great experience and a bit challenging as it was my first time working with the Lisk SDK. Fortunately, the SDK documentation and the developers forum helped me a lot to overcome the challenges I faced during the development phase.

Do you have any development experience with other blockchain SDKs? If so, please share your experience in comparison to developing with the Lisk SDK.

Kasra: No, It was my first time using a blockchain SDK. Previously I only had some experience working with Solidity and Ethereum smart contract programming. However, as far as I am aware one of the key benefits of the Lisk SDK is supporting JavaScript, instead of some other dedicated and more complex programming languages that are used in other popular blockchain SDKs. We can also refer to other advantages such as useful documentation, tutorials, active community, and access to many open source applications built using the Lisk SDK.

What are your plans with the Nash Stablecoin project? Will you continue to develop it further?

Kasra: During the Lisk Builders program, I developed a PoC application to test the minimal functionalities and ideas necessary to implement such a stablecoin. We are now thinking about improving the system’s stability, including adding additional features and looking at how the Lisk SDK can help us achieve these goals.

Do you plan to build another blockchain application with the Lisk SDK in the future?

Kasra: I do not have a particular plan right now, but generally Lisk SDK is one of the leading choices as a blockchain development tool from my perspective.

Would you recommend the Lisk SDK to other developers to build their blockchain applications?

Kasra: Of course, Lisk SDK is a powerful tool for building blockchain-based applications. The documentation including the tutorials is very helpful for all developers, especially those who are familiar with JavaScript, as you can quickly learn and easily work with the Lisk SDK. Furthermore, there is also an active community that can help you during the development phase.

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