Lisk Core 1.4.0 Released to Mainnet & Lisk Elements 2.0.0 Released

The Holiday period is behind us and Lightcurve development teams are hard at work with a number of important January milestones already hit. Among them, we have the release of Lisk Core 1.4, Elements 2.0, Commander 2.1, Hub 1.8 and Explorer 2.2.1.

By Lisk

17 Jan 2019


Lisk Core

1.4.0was released to Mainnet at the beginning of January. This brings to completion the work on the Quality and Performance phase of the Development Roadmap for Lisk Core.

1.5.0’s ongoing development addresses objectives included in the Architecture and Design phase. Here, work on the Extensible Database Layer has progressed significantly and all of the entities(account, block, transaction, round, peer and migration) are already completed. Within this phase, work on restructuring the following utils(database, cache and logger) into the components as required by the “Introduce a new flexible, resilient and modular architecture for Lisk Core LIP” is already in progress. A pull request for the milestone “Use a consistent and informative versioning scheme” has been opened and will be completed when merged.

Lisk Elements

2.0.0was released on January 7 and brings with it the conversion to TypeScript, an update to the minimum node version 8.10, as well as validation on ‘transaction-create’ inputs and support for sodium-native in ‘lisk-cryptography’.

2.1.0’s development is currently in progress. The main focus of this release will be on the following libraries; ‘lisk-transaction’, ‘lisk-transaction-pool’ and ‘lisk-p2p.’

Lisk Commander

2.1.0’s version of Commander was released on January 14. It brings the addition of a data field option for transfer transactions, votes and voters commanders, as well as additional functionality to obtain unsigned transactions.

Lisk Hub

1.8.0 was released on January 2. This version separates out ‘Send LSK’ and ‘Request LSK’ features into their own pages instead of being part of ‘Wallet’ page.

1.9.0’s release candidate was released on Wednesday 16th. Please note that if using this, as it is a release candidate and not a full release, we would strongly suggest to use it to connect to Testnet only.

1.10.0sdevelopment is currently ongoing.

Lisk Mobile

0.9.0 is developed and currently in QA phase. This contains a number of bug fixes and optimizations for smaller screens.

Lisk Explorer

2.2.0’s updated UI was released in late December. This release brings with it improved navigation, new transaction filters, as well as new account page that is integrated with the delegate page. The new version of the Explorer also includes multi-signature account support and network real-time statistics.

2.2.1 patch was released on January 16. It provides a fix for delegate voters view, usage statistics for an improved UI experience, and an update to the test suite.

Thanks for keeping up with the latest developments here at Lightcurve. We look forward to sharing with you what the next two weeks will bring in late January.

Lightcurve Development Team