Lisk Core 1.5.0 in QA & Lisk Hub Ledger Nano Integration

January is nearly over and Lightcurve development teams have a number of new releases already out and in the pipeline. Lisk Core 1.5.0 is nearing a release to Testnet and implements an extensible data persistence model, as well as other Roadmap objectives. Lisk Elements continues work on three libraries and integration into Lisk Core with 2.1.0. New Lisk Hub 1.9.0 release includes beta integration for Ledger Nano. Upcoming Lisk Mobile 0.10.0 features an iMessage extension, 3D touch, and German localization! Want to know more?

By Lisk

31 Jan 2019


Lisk Core

Lisk Core 1.5.0 implements an extensible data persistence model

1.5.0’s development phase is over and the release is currently in the Quality Assurance Testing (QA Testing) stage. Provided that no major regressions are spotted during QA testing, we expect to release Lisk Core 1.5.0 to Testnet early next week. This release will complete two objectives from Lisk’s development roadmap’s ‘Architecture and Design’ phase. These are:

Lisk Core 1.6.0 will finalize the last stages of the new system architecture LIP

1.6.0’s development started this week. This release will implement the second and last stage of the most significant objective of the Architecture and Design phase:

You can track the progress of this objective’s implementation on GitHub. The completion of the Architecture and Design phase consolidates the Lisk Modular repository into Lisk Core and sets the structure for the new modular architecture, by initially extracting two modules — “chain” and “http-api”. Several components scheduled for 1.5.0 were moved to 1.6.0 in order to prevent scope creep.

The Architecture and Design phase is set to be fully implemented in the next three releases — 1.5.0, 1.6.0 and 1.7.0

This excludes an urgent need for a patch release. The milestones explaining the implementation details of the last two objectives of the current roadmap phase will be included in the 1.7.0 release. These are:

Work for part of this release has already started on feature branches.

Lisk Elements

Lisk Elements 2.1.0 includes work on three libraries and continues integration with Core

2.1.0’s development is finished. With this release, we have implemented features for the following libraries:

  • Transaction extends the functionality for Core to be able to process transactions and lays down the basis of custom transactions for the future SDK
  • Transaction-pool where transactions are held prior to being written to the block
  • P2P lays down the basis for LIP-0004 by creating the initial version of the library that is compatible with the current Core

We are currently focusing on QA testing and refining these libraries. Moreover, using the created transaction and transaction-pool, we have started to work on the roadmap objective “Improve transaction processing efficiency”in Lisk Core. Once the QA testing is concluded, we will start to integrate the P2P library into Lisk Core. This is part of our long term strategy to incrementally increase the usage of Lisk Elements inside of Core, resulting in cleaner code, with functionality defined in one location.

Lisk Hub

Lisk Hub 1.9.0 now supports Ledger Nano Hardware integration in BETA

1.9.0 was released on January 23 and includes the new Ledger Nano hardware wallet support. Ledger Nano support is introduced with the Beta label, which means there is still more testing and improvements to be made. The integration currently allows Windows and MacOS to use multiple accounts on Ledger Nano to receive and send LSK tokens as well as vote for delegates. Linux support will be added after 1.9.0. We encourage the community to try it out with Testnet and send us any feedback. Please be aware the Beta label has no impact on the security of the connection with the wallet.

We would like to thank our community members Hirish and Vekexasia for their contributions to the Ledger Nano hardware wallet. For help with setting up your Ledger Nano to Lisk Hub, check out our Tech Evangelist Rachel’s walkthrough on Twitter:


Please note that Hub 1.9.0 requires the latest Ledger Nano Firmware version 1.5.5.

Please opt-in to share your Lisk Hub usage analytics with us

In order to improve the user experience of Lisk Hub we need to get more insights about its usage. At the same time, we care deeply about the privacy of our users. Because of the need to include user feedback, Lisk Hub 1.9.0 comes with the optional usage statistics analytics tool, Matomo. We kindly ask our community members to help us improve Lisk Hub by:

  • Going to the Settings page
  • Enabling the “Send anonymous usage statistics” toggle

If enabled, the usage data such as buttons clicked or pages visited is gathered to a LiskHQ-hosted instance of Matomo. This ensures that no third party has access to your data.


Lisk Hub 1.10.0 introduces our improved UI, showcasing months of research, design and user testing

1.10.0's feature development is finished. This ships with an entirely redesigned splash screen, login page, and registration process as well as menu navigation and bottom status bar.

In Lisk Hub 1.11.0, you can look forward to further integrations of our new UX and UI

1.11.0 is currently in development. We are working on design updates to further pages. More information regarding the upcoming features will be included in the next LiskDevUpdate.

Lisk Mobile

Lisk Mobile 0.10.0 will enable 3D Touch, sending LSK via iMessage and German localization ??

0.10.0 is close to being finalized, with the majority of the issues already resolved. This version brings with it a number of new features, including the 3D Touch shortcuts menu, which appears when you hold down the app icon for an extended period of time. The shortcut allows you to directly open the mobile wallet’s most used pages, which are the send and request pages (in our case). 3D Touch will be available on both Android and iOS.

You will also be able to request tokens via an iMessage extension, which is a feature specific to iOS. If you own an iOS device, you can open iMessage directly and request tokens from your contacts, who can then decide to send or reject your request.

Lastly, we’ve added German localization to the Lisk Mobile wallet, so the app will also be available to use auf Deutsch. There are multiple reasons for integrating this language option. One of these reasons takes into account our existing user-base and Germany ranks in the top three for all countries. For business development and developer adoption, Germany is a top market. According to the 2018 StackOverflow Developer Survey, Germany now has the largest professional developer population in Europe, overtaking the UK. In addition, Germany is ranked 2nd for its volume of Bitcoin nodes, making it prime territory for reaching blockchain early adopters.

Lisk Explorer

Lisk Explorer 2.2.2 will include UI fixes for desktop and mobile

2.2.2’s development is currently ongoing and close to completion. It contains some UI fixes for both regular screen and smaller mobile resolutions. The update of package dependencies and a feature to display a warning when Explorer goes offline is also included.

Thanks for keeping up with the latest developments here at Lightcurve. The next two weeks will see us progress further through the Architecture and Design phase of our development roadmap, as well as produce multiple releases across our product suite.

Lightcurve Development Team

Lisk empowers individuals to create a more decentralized, efficient and transparent global economy. We welcome you to join us in our mission.

Disclaimer: We’ve changed Lisk Mobile’s ‘iMessage plugin’ to ‘iMessage extension’ to accurately describe the new feature. Disclaimer 1: We’ve added Ledger’s Nano firmware link under Hub 1.9.0.