Lisk Events in August including Berlin Blockchain Week

August is a special month for Berlin’s blockchain industry. Thousands of attendees travel from all over Germany (and beyond) to its capital for a fix of developer conferences, hackathons and meetups at the Berlin Blockchain Week. Around the city, local projects organize events filled with scientific discussions, technical talks, and business updates.

Lisk always had deep ties to Berlin and its blockchain scene. Today, we’d like to give you a rundown of where you can expect to catch us in the coming weeks.

By Monica Tartau

06 Aug 2019

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For your convenience, we’ve divided our planner into three categories –hosted, speaker, and attended events.

We will host 3 events

Lisk SDK Online Webinar (Aug 9)

July was a big month for Lisk, with the beginning of the Alpha SDK phase of our development roadmap. We are excited to have the first version of our blockchain application building toolkit ready for the attendees of the Berlin Blockchain Week.

This means that the first event hosted by Lisk in August will be the Lisk SDK Webinar. Rachel, our Tech Evangelist, will give an introduction to the Lisk SDK and show how to code your own custom transactions. Afterwards, there will be a short Q&A session.

Make sure to attend the webinar on August 9th at 10:00am CEST (Berlin time) on YouTube. If you cannot make it to the online event, you can always check it out later by subscribing to our channel.

User Interfaces Usability Testing (Aug 21)

As described in our recent Lisk Development Update, we recently started a collaboration with Usability Testessen group in Berlin in order to test our user-facing products and website.

With their support, we will be hosting the next event on August 21st at our offices in the Atrium Tower. There will be 6 testers for each product and Lisk will be present with 3 stations for Hub, Mobile and website. Besides Lisk’s products, ten other projects will get their apps and websites tested.

This is a great opportunity to learn from each other. If you would be interested in becoming a tester, make sure to register on their website.

Lisk SDK Workshop (Aug 28)

Last up, we will be hosting the Lisk SDK Workshop for local developers on August 28th. We will begin with an overview of the SDK’s capabilities, followed by a hands-on coding challenge.

The aim of this workshop is to help developers get a deep understanding and hands-on experience using the SDK. Attendees will also be able to meet our development team and ask any questions they have about the topic. This is just the first Lisk SDK Workshop in a series of hands-on meetups building up towards the Lisk Dev Event later this year.

More info on that soon. Due to the high amount of required resources from our team the spots are limited. Make sure toRSVP for this event on our meetup page.

We'll be speaking at 3 events

UI/UX Designers Meetup (Aug 20)

The blockchain industry is developing very fast. This means its UI products become more complex too. As part of our Design Thinking efforts, Lisk’s Design team took considerable time to understand the users and the challenges that come together with the process of designing for blockchain users.

The work that has been done so far in researching, prototyping, testing and implementing the design changes will be showcased during the meetup organized by UI/UX Designers Meetup group on August 20th. Julian, Lisk’s Head of Design and Ali, Lisk’s Head of User Interfaces will present outcomes of the Design Thinking process and share their experiences. If you would like to hear some specific insights about their thinking process, make sure you RSVP.

Coding Berlin Meetup (Aug 27)

Another great opportunity for Lisk during the Berlin Blockchain Week is the Coding Berlin Meetup on August 27th where Rachel will be presenting an introduction to the Alpha SDK. Coding Berlin group aims to become the hub for Berlin’s code community, therefore their meetups are only focused on developers and hands-on talks.

Rachel’s presentation consists of a demo showcasing how to bootstrap your own blockchain and defining custom transactions. The goal of this talk is to onboard developers into the Lisk Alpha SDK and connect with the local developer community. Come, say hi, and have a chat with Rachel about the Alpha SDK!

Humboldt University's Blockchain Nights (Aug 29)

Blockchain Nights series at Weizenbaum Institute, part of the Humboldt University in Berlin, aims to attract students, researchers and start-ups from Berlin to address topics like business, economics and technology from both theorists and practitioners. The organizers host a monthly discussion series of debates related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and smart contracts.

During the Blockchain Week, on August 29th, Weizenbaum Institute will host an event about Security of Smart Contracts Platforms with talks by Research Associates and industry players, followed by a panel discussion. Jan Hackfeld, Head of Research at Lisk, will be presenting a comparison of consensus algorithms and ways to incentivize an honest consensus participation. If you are interested in attending this meetup and hearing more about consensus algorithms, register on the Blockchain Nights website.

We'll be attending two large events in Germany

Blockchance Conference (Aug 16-17)

Blockchance Conference will take place in Hamburg on August 16–17th. The event’s key topics are the future of economics and of society. Lothar (Head of Operations), Matthias (Head of Business Development) and Frederic (Legal Counsel) will represent Lisk during this conference with the aim staying up-to-date with industry related topics and networking with key players from the German blockchain scene.

Web3Summit (Aug 19–21)

Several big events will take place during the Berlin Blockchain Week in August and Lisk employees take this opportunity to keep up-to-date with the industry, to network with important players from Germany and abroad and also to talk about Lisk with other blockchain enthusiasts.

Lisk’s Research team will be attending the Web3Summit on August 19–21st at Funkhaus Berlin. With a line-up of high quality speakers for presentations, AMA sessions and workshops, Web3 Summit is a conference open for community to create their own programme. On August 22nd, This global developer conference has as focus decentralized applications, tooling and foundational infrastructure on Ethereum. If you are there, make sure to get in touch with our team.

As always, we will post a recap of learnings, discussions, and other outcomes of the Berlin Blockchain Week events, as well as other meetups and conferences in August.