Lisk Foundation

We are excited to announce the successful registration of the Lisk Stiftung, a non-profit foundation based in Zug, Switzerland. With the legal framework in place, it paves the way for a new beginning for the Lisk project. With the registration we now have guaranteed access to the ICO funding for hiring of employees, promotions and marketing campaigns, a full re-branding and future conference attendances.

By Lisk

21 Sep 2016


Since the conclusion of our ICO, we have made a number of strategic investments, all within a strict legal framework, and many of which have begun to pay off. We have moved the core team to offices in Berlin, added an extraordinary board of advisors, hired key developers from across the world, created contests to grow our pool of delegates, set and paid bounties to contributors, secured the services of prominent marketers, established a long-term Community Fund, and diversified the Lisk Foundation’s cryptocurrency portfolio. The Lisk Foundation is the last big achievement of 2016 in our extraordinary journey to become the leading blockchain application and sidechain platform in the world.

A Financial Report for 2016 will be published soon and starting in 2017 we will publish monthly reports in our forums.

With the Foundation in place, we now have have the team, the funding, and the community to realise the extraordinary promise of Lisk. We end 2016 ready for a tremendous year ahead, and the future for Lisk could not be more bright.