Lisk Foundation Releases Financial Update for September 2019

Our regular Financial Updates are published on the second Thursday of the following month. They will help you gain insight into the Lisk Foundation’s current financial health with a breakdown of total assets held, expenses and portfolio changes had during the previous month. The Lisk Foundation is registered in Zug, Switzerland — because of this, all financial reports are created in Swiss Francs (CHF).

By Lisk

10 Oct 2019

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Total Assets Held by the Lisk Foundation

In this section, you can check up on all fiat currency and cryptocurrency assets currently in possession of the Foundation. We will also use this part of the update to let you know about any major changes in our portfolio.

Total Lisk Assets - September 2019.png

Crypto Asset Liquidation in September

The Lisk Foundation is liquidating its assets in an on-going strategy to provide enough liquidity for the projects expenses. Currently, we are following the rule to have enough fiat to cover 12 months of expenses. In the month of September, we have liquidated the following cryptocurrencies into fiat currency through Bitcoin Suisse:

  • 4.000,00 BCH

We liquidated them into:

  • 1.159.162,17 CHF

Total Expenditures for the Month of September

In the expenditures section of the Financial Update, you can see how much the Foundation has spent on various aspects of Lisk’s growth. For your convenience, we have divided this section into four areas:

Development — by far the biggest area of expenditure by the Lisk Foundation, this encompasses everything spent on the research, development, and design of Lisk Core, SDK, Hub, Mobile and Explorer.

Marketing — this key area of growth for Lisk includes not only traditional marketing like public relations, or performance, but extends to everything spent on business development, event management, and creative design. It also includes our new Developer Relations department.

Bounties & Sponsorships — the stronger the Lisk community, the stronger our blockchain is going to be. Under this area of expenditure we outline all money spent on bug bounties, supporting proof-of-concept blockchain applications built with the Lisk SDK, or joint efforts with community members like the Lisk Center in Utrecht.

Operations — here, we mention all expenses needed in the day-to-day running of the Lisk Foundation, such as salaries, office costs, or administrative contractors dealing with accounting or legal compliance.

Total Lisk Expenditures_ September 2019.png

Disclaimer: The information contained in the monthly Financial Updates is primarily of informational value. Minor differences from their actual state may occur due to different moments of booking of certain inflows and expenses, as well as their possible subsequent corrections. Thus, this information cannot serve as an accurate reference point to the exact state of finances of the Lisk Foundation and the costs associated with developing the Lisk Project.