Lisk ICO Statistics

Today, we finalized the weekly ICO bonuses and applied them to their corresponding exchanges on the ICO website. This concludes all ICO numbers and we are happy to share a small statistic with the community.

By Lisk

20 Mar 2016


First Week

Number of exchanges (BTC+XCR): 1344 + 197

BTC exchanged: 1364.225819 BTC

BTC Bonus: 204.63387285 BTC

XCR exchanged: 28,856,198.91 XCR

Second Week

Number of exchanges (BTC+XCR): 1076 + 56

BTC exchanged: 1384.582667 BTC

BTC Bonus: 138.4582667 BTC

XCR exchanged: 13,958,814.28 XCR

Third Week

Number of exchanges (BTC+XCR): 1205 + 47

BTC exchanged: 1355.713288 BTC

BTC Bonus: 67.7856644 BTC

XCR exchanged: 21,218,223.31 XCR

Fourth Week

Number of exchanges (BTC+XCR): 4376 + 158

BTC exchanged: 9947.97532 BTC

BTC Bonus: 0 BTC

XCR exchanged: 14,209,364.13 XCR

Total Amount

Number of exchanges: 8459

Unique participants: 3908

BTC exchanged: 14,052.4971 BTC

BTC bonus: 410.87780395 BTC

XCR exchanged: 78,242,600.62 XCR

XCR in BTC: 1017.1538081 BTC

Total equivalent: 15,480.52871205 BTC

Exchange rate: 0.0001821238671 BTC/LSK

Please note that we can only calculate the numbers up to the 8th decimal place. Therefore, there might be small rounding fluctuations.