The Lisk Launch is Here

We successfully launched the Lisk network and deployed Lisk v0.3.0 to the public. A truly remarkable moment in history and a turning-point for blockchain application development.

It has been five months since we begun our journey into building a competitive blockchain application platform. With this release we are finally ready for the massive crypto-currency community. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, contributions, and daily communication on the Lisk.Chat. Without you we wouldn’t be here today.

By Lisk

24 May 2016


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy LSK?

You can buy LSK on various altcoin exchanges. Please do your due diligence on every exchange you use, we don’t vouch for any of them! We take no responsibility for trading activities.

Where can I download the client?

The mainnet starts with Lisk v0.3.0 which you can download on our website or access directly with our web login.

How do I login to my Lisk account?

We have prepared a guide which explains how to access your Lisk account. Please follow it.

What new features does Lisk v0.3.0 bring?

You can take a look at the changelog of this release in the Lisk v0.3.0 — Release Announcement.

If you have any problem, please go to our Lisk.Chat