Lisk Unveils Blockchain Platform - One Step to Get Humanity Onchain

In the ever-changing world of cryptocurrency, Lisk stands out as a beacon of trust. Its journey started with creating one of the first blockchains coded in JavaScript, a step toward making the technology more accessible. Now, nearly eight years after co-founders Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows launched one of the pioneering ICOs, Lisk introduces the launch of its platform and SDK.

By Lisk

05 Dec 2023

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The essence of this platform lies in its user-friendly approach and robust interoperability, addressing a longstanding issue within the crypto space. Whether you're a developer fluent in JavaScript or TypeScript, or an end-user who's been daunted by the complexities of blockchain technology, Lisk offers an intuitive interface that simplifies interactions. This strategic move not only fulfills the promise made during their ICO but also lays the foundation for a vast network of interlinked applications and currencies.

At the heart of Lisk's platform is the promise of inclusivity. With an easy account setup and transaction process, the barrier to entry for Web3 is significantly lowered. “We don’t want to confuse anybody,” emphasizes Oliver Beddows, acknowledging the steep learning curve typically associated with blockchain technology.

Developers are encouraged to unleash their creativity, building decentralized applications (DApps) ranging from gaming to decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFT marketplaces to climate action initiatives. Thanks to the interoperable nature of the platform, tokens - both fungible and non-fungible - can seamlessly traverse between chains, fostering collaboration and innovation.

A history of development

The Lisk team has been steadfast in their mission since the early days of 2016. Recalling the crypto hype and the complexities that surrounded blockchain, the duo of Kordek and Beddows has consistently worked towards a simplified, stable, and secure environment. Lothar Skorupka, COO of Lisk, reflects on the goal to offer "a stable environment in a very volatile market," showcasing the rational approach that has defined their path.

With the launch of Lisk Core V3 in 2021, the team delivered a stable and robust protocol, a testament to their meticulous attention to detail. The platform's new leap into interoperability with sidechains means users and startups can interact in novel ways, potentially transforming how businesses operate within the blockchain ecosystem.

As Lisk continues its journey, it does so with an open and community-driven approach. "I see the future of Lisk much more open and community-driven, involving more teams and companies, all contributing to new features everyone benefits from," shares Jan Hackfeld, Chief Research Officer at Lisk. This vision for the future positions Lisk not just as a platform but as a cornerstone for an emerging ecosystem of user-friendly, interoperable blockchain applications. For anyone standing on the sidelines of the blockchain revolution, wondering if they can be part of it, Lisk's new platform is a beacon, signalling that now more than ever, blockchain is accessible to all.

Getting humanity onchain

Having fulfilled the ICO promise, Max Kordek looks forward: “Launching the Lisk platform is not an endpoint. It is merely one step forward towards our greatest goal - to get humanity onchain.”