Lisk's Event Agenda for 2022

In this post we are going to look at how 2022 looks and will look like from an event marketing perspective. We will look at the events that Lisk has already attended, as well as what the team is planning for the final half of the year.

By Lisk

28 Jul 2022


As mentioned at the Lisk Amplifire last December, 2022 is the year of Lisk. Following this promise to our community, Lisk has focused much of its resources on development and research, but equally has pushed for greater marketing and exposure opportunities. This has included, among many other things, appearing on the international stage.

In this post we are going to look at how 2022 looks and will look like from an event marketing perspective.

What’s Been Done so Far

Things have progressed rapidly this year and saw Lisk around the world sharing the message of development through JavaScript and interoperability. The marketing team appeared at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit with Community Lead, Miguel de Sousa, joining a panel discussion. We also made an appearance at WeAreDevelopers World Congress, sponsoring both events, as well as being the host for a workshop at WAD.

The CEO and Co-Founder of Lisk, Max Kordek himself was at events like Bitcoin Miami 2022 and Consensus in Austin, Texas to spread the word of Lisk within the US community.

Moreover, the Lisk team organized Blockchain Day at the Lisk Center in Berlin on the 13th June which was a great success. The event included guest speakers from WeAreDevelopers, panel discussions between Lisk and Cosmos as well as giving the developer audience a walk through of the Lisk SDK.

Now that we have seen where we have been so far, let’s look at what is coming up in the second part of the year.

Upcoming Events

Lisk has many priorities for the second half of the year, and continued exposure at blockchain events and conferences are very high on the agenda. Many other events await the Lisk team and we are excited to meet up with new contacts, as well as our community.

TOKEN2049 Singapore

At TOKEN2049, Lisk CEO, Max Kordek will be speaking on the topics of interoperability and the industry’s vision. Max will appear alongside some of the most prominent names in the industry including Vitalik Buterin, Charles Hoskinson, and Charlie Lee.

As a speaker, Max will discuss the future of blockchain technology and show how Lisk is leading this conversation. With blockchain enthusiasts and investors being present at the conference, Lisk aims to have a strong presence as sponsors of TOKEN2049 in Singapore.

Blockchain Day II

As Blockchain Day at the Lisk Center in Berlin was a great success, the interest has grown to host a second edition. The Marketing and Community team is currently planning the schedule for a second Blockchain Day with activities such as talks from speakers, panel discussions and workshops.

With the venue proven to be a great place for developers and blockchain enthusiasts to gather to learn more about blockchain and Lisk, the team is looking forward to hosting the second edition as soon as this fall. More details about this upcoming event will be posted in the coming weeks.

The Lisk team is also planning the Lisk.js 2022 event which we will be sharing the details of in the coming months.

International JavaScript Conference (New York)

The International JavaScript Conference in New York is a great place to grow awareness among the JS developer community as Lisk will be sponsoring the event.

To drive value for the developers and visitors, Lisk is, together with the organizers of the conference, arranging creative branding opportunities. All the participants at the event are handed a badge for entry on which the Lisk logo will be visible together with a QR code. The QR code will guide participants to the Lisk SDK and other tools. This will inform JavaScript developers about Lisk and blockchain applications.

The team is looking forward to learning more about the JavaScript development community to prepare for the next event in Munich.

International JavaScript Conference (Munich)

With the knowledge collected from the New York event, Lisk is excited to see the team participate at the International JavaScript Conference in Munich.

During this conference, Lisk will have the opportunity to dive deeper into blockchain topics as the development team will be participating in keynote and speaker sessions. The marketing team will be present at the Lisk booth to expand participants’ knowledge of how JavaScript and blockchain can combine to develop blockchain applications.

Being a Gold Sponsor for this conference, Lisk is looking forward to driving awareness among the JavaScript developer community in October.

CV Summit 2022

This event, organized by the Crypto Valley Association, will take place in the capital of blockchain in Europe, Zug, Switzerland. The two day event focuses on investors, thought leaders, startup founders, and business leaders to discuss and catch up on the latest trends in blockchain.

This is a great opportunity for the Lisk team to network with web3 thinkers, investors, corporations, startup founders, high-profile individuals, and more. The CV Summit in Zug gives the chance to get insights and understanding of what is currently happening in the blockchain space while growing our presence in the industry.

As Gold Sponsors of the event, Max Kordek and the marketing team will be present to actively participate in the activities over the two days.

TOKEN2049 London

Finishing off the year with TOKEN2049, this time with London being the host city, Max is looking forward to having the opportunity to be on stage to talk about the importance, vision and initiatives of interoperability and the future of blockchain.

With the audience being investors and blockchain enthusiasts, the Singapore event is a great place to close the year by spreading the word about Lisk and the future of what the industry has to bring.

Final Thoughts

The second half of the year will be exceptionally exciting for Lisk. Our attendance at events and conferences focused on both developers and users in niche environments will give us the chance to educate and on-board new developers and users to blockchain technology and Lisk. We look forward to learning about and communicating with our audience to better expand Lisk and blockchain technology.