Migration to Testnet and Mainnet

Lisk Betanet v4.0.0 has been running and tested since May 2023. Several bugs have been discovered by both an external security audit and our valued community. With those bugs now taken care of, testing of this network nears an end, and we will soon be upgrading the testnet, followed by the mainnet.

In order to achieve as smooth and easy a migration to the updated network as possible, we have composed this blog post to serve as a guide for the upcoming changes.

By Lisk

21 Aug 2023

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The Lisk network will migrate from v3 to v4 and introduce several protocol changes to the network based on Lisk Improvement Proposals (LIPs) 0037 - 0071 (excluding 0047 & 0052).

The network will migrate by updating from Lisk Core v3.0.x to Lisk Core v4.0.0, which will result in a hard fork. The following are some of the important blog posts covering Lisk blockchain interoperability and other important protocol improvements.

“Normal” Users

In order to make transactions, you will need to upgrade to the latest versions of Lisk Desktop and/or Lisk Mobile.

Unlike the Lisk Core v2 to v3 upgrade, stakes (formerly votes) will remain from the previous version. No action is required. It is important to note that with LIP 0070 - Introduce reward sharing mechanism, there are now on-chain staking rewards.

Validators and Lisk Core Node Operators

Validators (formerly called Delegates) and other node operators will need to upgrade to Lisk Core v4.0.0. The official Lisk Core v4 migration guide can be found here: https://lisk.com/documentation/lisk-core/v4/management/migration.html

Some important things to emphasize:

  • Node operators will need to upgrade to Lisk Core v3.1.0 for the migrator tool to function properly
  • Generator and BLS keys need to be registered before the end of the initRounds. The initRounds will last for 60,480 rounds, which is about 1 week. The migration will ban all the validators by default and will be unable to generate any blocks until they do so. The only exception will be the initValidators, who will be able to generate during the initRounds after which they will be banned until they register the keys
  • LIP 0071 - Introduce dynamic block rewards module will go into effect, which could potentially make significant changes to block rewards

Projects Created with Lisk SDK

As stated earlier, this upgrade sees the long awaited Interoperability Solution finally live on the Lisk network. Of course, projects made with Lisk SDK v5 will need to migrate to v6. The changes, along with their explanations, can be found on the Lisk SDK v6 migration guide: https://lisk.com/documentation/lisk-sdk/v6/references/migration.html

Lisk Service

With Lisk Service v0.7.0, the base URLs have changed:

Public Mainnet API base URL: https://service.lisk.io/api/v3 Public Testnet API base URL: https://testnet-service.lisk.io/api/v3

To see an overview of all the Lisk Service API changes, check: https://lisk.com/documentation/beta/api/lisk-service-api-migration.html

Other helpful links may be found below:

Lisk Service API swagger documentation: https://lisk.com/documentation/beta/api/lisk-service-http.html Lisk Service RPC API reference: https://lisk.com/documentation/beta/api/lisk-service-rpc.html

Reclaim Transaction for Uninitialized Accounts

On August 21, 2021, the Lisk Mainnet upgraded to Lisk Core v3.0.0. At that point, a new address system was introduced. At that point, addresses that had not sent at least 1 outgoing transaction (uninitialized addresses) required a reclaim transaction prior to making any other transaction. For the remaining legacy addresses that still have not done so, the process remains the same:

  • Update Lisk Desktop to the latest version
  • Use add account and check the new address format for your account
  • Fund your account with some LSK tokens (e.g. 1 LSK). Either you can request tokens from your another account or transfer the tokens from an exchange
  • Perform the reclaim transaction from within Lisk Desktop

It is important to note that this only applies to those address that meet the following requirements:

  • Created before the Lisk Core v3.0.0 upgrade on August 21, 2021
  • Did not have an outgoing transaction prior to then as well
  • Have no made a reclaim transaction since then

It is imperative that eligible users make this reclaim transaction as soon as possible for the following reasons:

  • Reclaim transactions may be disabled in a future hardfork. This is undecided at this time
  • User could lose their funds due to an address collision attack

For more information on reclaim an account and why it is needed, see Reclaiming a Lisk Account blogpost.