The new Lisk L2 Testnet is live!

The unveiling of the Lisk Sepolia Testnet represents a significant milestone towards the future of Lisk, arriving earlier than many expected. We aim to make this cadence standard as we merge into the Ethereum ecosystem. It’s also the first tangible step in the rebirth of Lisk as an L2 utilizing Optimism’s OP Stack.

By Lisk

27 Feb 2024

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As we expand our horizons, we intend to double down in Emerging Markets where the impact of blockchain can be most significant. With a focus on real world assets and applications (RWA), as well as, decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN), we will drive economic and social growth while continuing to stay true to Lisk’s original mission of democratizing accessibility for blockchain technology.

This article is more than just an announcement, it’s also an invitation for brave builders to join us on the Lisk frontier. Those who are prepared to experiment can dive right into the sandbox, which has many services and integrations ready to go.

The included Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is compatible with any Ethereum smart contract or token standard you want to deploy. A wide range of incentives such as bounties, grants, hackathons, and developer airdrops (dev drops) are also on the way.

Our designers created a beautiful Testnet landing page to act as the welcome mat into the laboratory. If you’re ready to get started right away, check out the Lisk Portal and the Documentation or keep reading as we dive into the integrations and services.

Integrations and Developer Tools

Superchain Faucet by Optimism - The Superchain Faucet is a way for developers to get free testnet tokens that can be used to build and interact with smart contracts on test networks like Lisk Sepolia. To access these tokens, you can authenticate using your onchain identity or GitHub account.

Lisk Bridge - Bridges enable the transfer of assets and information between the Lisk L2 network and the broader blockchain ecosystem. Once you have some tokens from the faucet in hand you can bridge them to the Lisk L2 by following the link on the Lisk Portal.

Explorer by BlockScout - Explorers are an essential service for blockchains that enable users and developers to view blockchain data in a human readable way. Blockscout “gives everyone access to essential on-chain data, the ability to interact with smart contracts, and the tools to view and verify transactions quickly and easily.” The explorer can be found on the Lisk Portal or by following this link directly.

RPC API by dRPC - dRPC provides developers with RPC access, facilitating direct interaction with the blockchain. It’s useful for executing smart contracts, querying blockchain data, and integrating features and functionalities into applications.

Want to try the RPC API now? Lisk Sepolia Chain ID: 4202 dRPC https endpoint - (instructions here) dRPC wss endpoint - wss:// official http endpoint - (rate limited) official wss endpoint - wss:// (rate limited)

Subgraph Indexer by Goldsky (coming soon) - Indexing enables developers to efficiently store and query blockchain data. Goldsky is the “go-to data indexer for web3 builders, offering high-performance subgraph hosting and real time data replication pipelines”

Price Feeds by Redstone Oracle - Access to reliable and up-to-date price information is vital for many blockchain applications, especially those in the DeFi space. RedStone is “an Oracle that delivers frequently updated, reliable, and diverse data feeds for your applications and smart contracts.” It has also undergone multiple audits by top-tier experts in blockchain security. Here are the contract addresses and Redstone's documentation to get started using it.

Additional Services by Gelato - Offering a suite of automation and enhancements, Gelato’s services include Account Abstraction via 1balance, Automate Service, Relay Service, VRF Randomness, and Web3 Functions. These help streamline various aspects of application development and operation.

Together, these integrations, developer tools and services form a solid foundation upon which developers can build, innovate, and explore the vast potential of the Lisk ecosystem. These are just the start though, and we have a lot more news coming so make sure to join our community on Discord or Telegram and follow us on X (formerly known as Twitter). We look forward to seeing you there!