Oliver and Max Leave Crypti to Establish Lisk!

With a heavy heart we (Oliver and Max) are announcing our immediate departure from the Crypti Foundation today. The past 18 months have been awesome, we learned and worked an extreme amount, formed great friendships with many community members, and created a strong bond with the Crypti network.

By Lisk

30 Jan 2016

Olivier and Max leave Crypti to establish Lisk -Main@2x.png

Unfortunately, our passion and combined work force couldn’t find full potential within the Crypti Foundation. Lengthy polls and no clear management resulted in a huge lack of progress. We are both big open source fans and tried our best to make Crypti more open and public. We created a proposal to build out Crypti into a popular open source project, but it wasn’t well received by the foundation.

Therefore we decided to leave Crypti and fork it. Make it better and take it to the next level. Fortunately Crypti is being released under The MIT License which makes our actions possible. This was the beginning of Lisk, an evolution of Crypti.

A new Ecosystem

To make Lisk a reality we worked over the past month to completely re-create the Crypti ecosystem under our new brand. You can check out our awesome new website, our new blockchain explorer, our testnet client and faucet. You can also take a look at our new Lisk.Chat and our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Reddit pages. Obviously we also created our own forum, Bitcoin Talk and Bitcoin.com Thread.

To better cater for developers we started a GitHub organization and added a new documentation section to our website. The documentation page is still work-in-progress, so you may find a few links (e.g. the API’s) are offline. We will configure them as soon as possible.

New Features

During the past month we made significant efforts to improve the existing client. The design was re-branded and we cleaned out the whole frontend code base, in which we still found many fragments of very early Crypti versions. We also fixed many browser related issues, logical errors (e.g. that you can add yourself to the contact book), and generally improved the whole consistency of its design.

As a new feature of the network itself, we have implemented Forging Rewards which on the one hand creates a bigger incentive to secure our blockchain and on the other hand rewards the delegates for keeping their nodes online. More information about the forging rewards can be found in our FAQ > Economy > How are LISK created?.

We also changed the transaction fee to a constant 0.1 LISK, from the previously 0.1% of the transacted amount. This prevents dust from accumulating and makes performing exact LISK transactions much easier for the average user.

Financing our Plans

In order to kick start our platform, i.e. pay for developers and marketing, we will hold an ICO starting 22nd February 2016, in which we will accept Bitcoin, Crypti and Ethereum. At this point we can only say that we will keep a constant conversion rate for your Crypti at 1300 satoshi per XCR. We feel this provides a fair value to your XCR and creates an escape route to a fresh project for the whole Crypti community. More details will be published soon.

Much more to come!

There is still much work to do, if you want to help, please join our Lisk.Chat so we can take a look where you can help.

Thank you very much. See you in our next blog post!