Product Feedback After Testnet Migration

After Lisk Testnet migration, the next step is to get feedback from the projects building on it to iterate and improve Lisk SDK and Lisk Platform after Mainnet launch.

By Lisk

05 Oct 2023

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The Lisk Testnet migration has been up and running for the past ten days and has gone unsurprisingly without a hitch. As we have stated in the previous blog post, the Lisk Testnet is an invaluable tool as its primary function is to enable all relevant upgrades to be tested publicly first before they are released into production onto the Lisk Mainnet. The Lisk Testnet is an independently deployed testing network that essentially simulates the actual Lisk Mainnet.

Once the Testnet migration is done and ready for testing, the next crucial step in product management is to gather feedback from projects building on Lisk. This phase of the product development process is essential as it helps validate assumptions, identify pain points, and make necessary improvements before the next iteration.

For this purpose, we have asked all the projects building on Lisk in our Discord channels to work closely with our engineering team to test and provide feedback.

Why test with projects after the Testnet migration?

The success of a product depends on its ability to solve the pain points of its target audience. And who better to provide valuable feedback than the early adopters themselves? These projects are eager to try our SDK and Platform and are willing to provide honest feedback. By testing with the projects, we can gain insights into how the Lisk SDK is being used and what features resonate the most with them. This information is crucial in making necessary changes and improvements to ensure the product meets the needs of its intended users.

Identifying Pain Points

One of the main objectives of this testing phase is to identify pain points that the projects may encounter while using the Lisk SDK. This step is crucial in ensuring the SDK and the Platform meet the needs of its intended users, as addressing pain points can greatly enhance user satisfaction and retention.

Making Iterative Improvements

The testing phase also allows for iterative improvements to be made based on the projects' feedback. This means we can continuously make changes and enhancements to the product, leading to a better result.

What Comes Next?

The Lisk Core v4.0.0 migration to Testnet is one of the final steps prior to the long-awaited migration to Mainnet. Adequate testing is still required to ensure as smooth and reliable transition as possible is achieved. Once that has been established, we will announce the migration block height and expected date for Lisk Mainnet.

The feedback we gather from this testing phase will find its way into Lisk in the following iteration. We are looking forward to the results.