Recent Website Improvements

In today’s blog post we would like to give you an overview of recent website improvements we have worked on during the last few months.

By Lisk

17 Apr 2020


On October 31st 2019 we migrated all of our online presence to a robust and yet scalable future-proof system, built on top of a content management framework with a proven track record, Drupal. To this day we are very happy with that choice and are excited about the future, together with the potential that is still yet untapped.

Bug Bounty Program

The Bug Bounty program warrants its own page as, on top of our own in-house coding standards and processes that focus on mitigating bugs and vulnerabilities, it is an essential additional tool to ensure that our codebase maintains a level of security that prevents abuse and exploits. It is therefore a vital part of our entire ecosystem.

We invite our community to play an active role in this process and engage with our codebase by identifying and offering solutions to eventual bugs and vulnerabilities, in order that we can rectify them before they hit our Mainnet.

Obviously, we want to remunerate developers and researchers that spend their valuable time digging around in our code searching for anything that would compromise our security, and furthermore we have made the process as transparent and easy as possible.

The page lists submission guidelines, as well as a clear overview of our different severity-levels and their matching rewards.

Its main function to report bugs, all happens within our own ecosystem. There is no need to create an account on another platform. Our bug report form is part of our brand new contact flow, which is covered in the next block.

Visit the Bug Bounty program page here:

Contact Flow

Spending a fair amount of time building our Lisk SDK, we’re slowly gearing up to crawl out of the woodwork and venture into the wild.

Inevitably this means that we need to open up several different channels to allow people to reach us for a diverse array of reasons.

We would soon have outgrown the approach of having just one simple contact form as a one-size-fits-all solution, and hence decided to invest a bit more time to get it right and lay a solid foundation for future growth.

Our brand new contact flow consists of a small but powerful custom-built UI, which as a first-line support branches out to different parts of our website, and guides the user to the correct resource to help answer any questions that may arise. In case the topic is either too specific or the user really wants to get in contact with us we’ll present them with the appropriate means to do so.

Leveraging the intrinsic power of Drupal we are using it as a back-office in order to help us organize these incoming requests, and handle their responses.

Visit our brand new contact flow here:

Network Page

Another relevant topic that deserves a separate page on our website is one that pays tribute to one of the early building blocks of our ecosystem: our unstoppable network.

Ever since it went live in 2016 we have been able to count on our network to be the trustworthy backbone of the Lisk project, and on the hundreds of operators worldwide that keep this decentralized heart of Lisk beating perpetually.

In its current stage, the page only scratches the surface of all the facets of our network and what it is capable of, and hence this has given us a head start for all future additions and further progression.

Visit our brand new Network Page here:

Lisk Builders Program

The Lisk Builders program offers an opportunity for developers to receive support for building proof of concept blockchain applications using the Lisk SDK.

This page lays out a straightforward set of guidelines, and a step-by-step procedure that the candidates need to follow for their proof of concepts to be eligible for a one-time funding of 2,500 CHF.

In addition, the page also showcases previous participants’ work and provides the necessary inspiration through a link to our Apps page, which is covered in the next block.

Visit our brand new Lisk Builders program page here:

Apps Page

This page is another recent addition to our website whereby we highlight proof of concept blockchain applications written by our community, leveraging the power of our Lisk SDK.

We strive to ensure that this page is as complete as possible with a short description per blockchain application and all relevant links to the applicable GitHub repository, demo or blog post.

We encourage the community to help us in keeping this page up to date, and will be adding all new apps coming out of our Lisk Builders program.

Visit our Apps page here:

Further Changes

Our newly launched Lisk Enterprises portal already received its own blog post and therefore we’ll simply link to the page here.

You can see, we’re only scratching the surface of the work we’ve been doing both on the website and regarding our future plans. Not every iteration or improvement is as visible as the ones we just listed in this blog post, however, they are nonetheless all equally important to ensure everything is maintained and running smoothly, together with improving the user experience.

As always we will continue with our efforts to bring you new pages and functionality, and also optimize and iterate on existing content.

Come find us on Discord, where we regularly communicate about all of our progress. We’re an open-source project, in the broad sense of the word: open to good code but also to valuable suggestions and ideas, don’t be shy to contact us!