AMA Recap: Tokocrypto w/ Head of Exchange Development Naureen Mustafa

The Tokocrypto AMA featuring Naureen Mustafa Ph.D. on Telegram was a major success with over 300 questions coming in from their mostly Indonesian fan base. Clearly, only so many can be responded to, so we've collected together the very best questions and answers from the session.

By Lisk

30 Nov 2022

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Question: What do you think about Indonesia in the market development plan for Lisk?

Answer: Hey, that’s a very good question. So, I must say that we are following the Indonesian Market specifically and the full Asian market in general.. It’s a very good sign for decentralized finance that the Financial Service Authority (OJK) of Indonesia has taken up the matter of regulations of crypto investments.

As per my knowledge there were 15.1 million cryptocurrency investors in Indonesia until a few months ago. Considering the interest of investors and regulators alike, Indonesia is a good place for this purpose. As our first step we have partnered with Tokocrypto which is the biggest exchange in Indonesia. We are planning even more surprises for crypto investors in Indonesia, so you need to stay in touch and follow us for the latest updates.

Question: One of the unique features of Lisk is its software development tool (SDK) which is based on JavaScript, so what I want to ask is whether in the future Lisk can support other programming languages besides JavaScript?

Answer: We have chosen Javascript as our language due to two reasons:

1) It reduces the learning curve for our developer community.

2) This is the most common language for developers and gives everyone a chance to work with our blockchain irrespective of their level of expertise. If a project uses solidity as their language then it wipes out the whole lot of developers who do not have solidity development skills.

This gives rise to another problem which is a very less number of developers and higher salaries. However, as we are launching an interoperability module for Lisk SDK, we are also expanding our range of languages such as Golang, C++ etc.

Question: What do you think about DeFi in the future? And what is the focus of LISK?

Answer: The DeFi movement is still in its infancy. There is innovation at every level, from basic blockchain protocols to decentralized apps to improving user experiences. It has passed the threshold of speculation and investment. Serious use cases are currently being developed, and DeFi services are more transparent, powerful, and technologically advanced than a centralized financial system. And when those benefits are applied to any industry or business, they encourage flexibility and transparency for its users, which I believe is the ultimate purpose of mankind.

Lisk is a layer 1 blockchain project who has a history of being transparent with the community and keeping their interest on top priority. That’s why we are continuously innovating and finding new ways to solve problems of our community to ensure transparency, flexibility and user-friendly approach. We are doing it by three ways. We offer a grant program for entrepreneurs who want to solve a problem using blockchain based solutions. We encourage diversity and flexibility.

In Lisk, there are 72 employees belonging to approx 32 different countries and most of them work remotely. And last but not least, we have developed SDK in Javascript which is very easy to follow for any developer. Any one can build decentralized application of their choice using our blockchain and SDK.

Question: What are the plans to educate and raise awareness and adoption among the community to make more people understand LISK easily even for beginners?

Answer: Here, I must appreciate the effort of our Marketing department who is continuously creating opportunities where Lisk can help the developer community to work with our SDK. We are continuously working with our development team to develop user-friendly and easy to navigate documentation, tutorials, blog posts and live events. You can find all these resources on our website and can contact us any time if you have any questions. We keep our community on top priority and keep answering such questions as soon as possible.

Question: What steps will you take to further extend the Lisk ecosystem and get more and more Blockchain Apps built on/with Lisk?

Answer: The primary goal of Lisk is making blockchain accessible for people, not only in terms of development but also in terms of everyday use. We’re building our ecosystem and preparing for the most important milestone in the Lisk history - the platform launch - in upcoming months. We have identified that educating users is a must have thing to onboard users into blockchain. So, we are keeping mass awareness at our top priority. We will soon launch new resources to learn more about Lisk blockchain. Also, we have plenty of videos on our YouTube channel to educate users about blockchain.

During 2022, we collaborated with many exchanges and launched educational content about Lisk - blog posts, educational AMAs and Learn and Earn campaigns. We have a lot of plans for 2023 that will include campaigns to raise brand awareness as well as educate the audience about Lisk. You can expect many exciting initiatives. I can’t tell you much about it right now, but we’re preparing a lot of amazing activities that will give us a boost. So keep an eye on us :)