We’re proud to announce our African Blockchain Incubation Hub!

We’re proud to announce the launch of our Blockchain Incubation Hub with our partners, CV Labs. The project — set to be launched this coming summer — will provide support for African entrepreneurs in developing high-quality blockchain solutions tailored for the African market.

By Lisk

27 Mar 2024

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With nearly a million developers, a flourishing cross-industry entrepreneurial mindset and a fantastic level of blockchain adoption, Africa’s ability to lead blockchain technology impact is undeniable. Yet, technology entrepreneurs face barriers like limited access to financing and expert mentorship. Lisk’s Blockchain Incubation Hub, intends to solve this challenge.

With the Lisk Blockchain Incubation Hub, we chose to concentrate our efforts on nurturing African-led startups that develop blockchain solutions specifically tailored to address the needs of the African market. This laser focus ensures that the incubated projects have a tangible impact on the continent's economic and social development.

The 20 chosen startups will receive a comprehensive support package designed to fuel their success. This includes invaluable guidance from experienced mentors to help refine their blockchain solutions, and the advantage of building on Lisk's cost-effective and scalable Layer 2 network.

Additionally, the program offers support for strategic market expansion within Africa, facilitates connections with potential investors to unlock new funding opportunities, and integrates participants into Lisk and CV Labs' extensive global network of industry veterans, investors, and partners, fostering ongoing growth and collaboration.

Africa: Leading Blockchain Adoption

African nations are among the strongest adopters of cryptocurrencies, utilizing them in tangible use cases both as a store of value, payment, and exchange purposes. Concurrently, the technology behind crypto, blockchain itself, is increasingly important in other ways for Africa due to its immutability which can address longstanding issues such as corruption, lack of transparency, and inefficiencies in sectors like finance, supply chain, and governance.

Builders on blockchain technology can enhance trust, promote financial inclusion, enable secure transactions, and streamline processes, particularly in regions with unreliable infrastructure and weak institutions. Additionally, blockchain can support individuals by enabling access to financial services and property rights, fostering their socioeconomic growth, and unlocking new opportunities. Despite restricted global funding, technology ecosystems in Africa are emerging, and 15 African countries feature in the Top 100 Global Ecosystems. As Africa accounts for nearly 20% of the global population and a median age of 18.8 years, the continent's youthful demographic presents a potent force for innovation. While 77% of VC funding in Africa comes from outside the continent, with the Lisk Blockchain Incubation Hub, we are committed to enabling African entrepreneurs to achieve self-fulfilling revenues and new funding sources.


Are you a passionate African blockchain entrepreneur with a groundbreaking idea? Apply to the Lisk Blockchain Incubation Hub and take your vision to the next level!