WeAreDevelopers World Congress & Blockchain Day – Recap

The most accessible blockchain application platform was in Berlin on June 13th to 15th for Blockchain Day at the Lisk Center and the WeAreDevelopers World Congress. After two long years, the global dev community met once again in Berlin to connect with each other.

By Lisk

22 Jun 2022


The agenda was packed with recent insights on software development, best practices and future tech trends together with glimpses of blockchain technology shining during the World Congress event.

With over 8,000 attendees and more than 250 speakers, WeAreDevelopers 2022 was a success, and Lisk certainly benefited from that.

The Lisk team arrived at the World Congress directly after Blockchain Day at the Lisk Center, with the focus already on delivering value to developers. Blockchain Day was a success with activities on stage such as introductions to Lisk, a demo of the Lisk SDK, a guest speaker from WeAreDevelopers and a panel discussion between Lisk & Interchain representing Cosmos.

Lisk was scheduled for a workshop during the second day of the World Congress which attracted developers from different industries and parts of the world. The two hour-workshop started with an introduction to Lisk and the different features followed by a demo on how to develop a Blockchain Application with Lisk SDK. During the last 30 minutes of the workshop, participants got a glimpse of the upcoming features of the Lisk SDK.

The Lisk booth was an attractive place for JavaScript developers and blockchain enthusiasts. The developers’ interest was surely higher than past events this year as many came to the booth also to learn more about blockchain. JavaScript was a hot topic discussed between the visitors and the Lisk team, where the Marketing, Development and Research team was present.

Blockchain Day at the Lisk Center Berlin

The Lisk Center in Berlin stood host for the first Blockchain Day event at the venue in collaboration with WeAreDevelopers. It was a pleasure to see over 60 people attending throughout the day to learn about Lisk and listen to the different activities planned out.

First out was from Lisk was the Lead Backend Developer Ishan Tiwari, giving an introduction to Lisk and its different features. After giving an introduction and warming up the developers on what opportunities they have with Lisk the next step was to get a bit deeper into the SDK. Lead Technical Writer Mona Bärenfänger together with Ishan Tiwari continued on stage giving a demo on how to get started with the blockchain SDK in 30 minutes.

Screenshot 2022-06-20 at 17.57.32.png

The schedule continued with the guest speaker Michael Ionita talking about Smart Contract Architecture, explaining to us the life cycles of smart contracts, state management and giving us examples on code samples. This was an interesting talk from Michael as it gave the audience a perspective on EVM, which helped also to get excited for the next and last activity in the agenda – the panel discussion between Lisk and Interchain representing the Cosmos network.

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Interoperability is not a short trend

The final activity on the agenda was the panel discussion between Lisk and Interchain representing the Cosmos network. The panel was hosted by Research Scientist Maxime Gagnebin with Research Scientist Alessandro Riccotone from Lisk & Susannah Evans from Interchain as panelists.

The panel discussion started off by the panelists giving their take on how they are currently working on interoperability within the projects from a homogeneous perspective. Both Lisk and Cosmos have been developing the interoperability features to have communication within their networks, where IBC has been an important component for Cosmos.

As the discussion continued the panelists got a bit deeper into the future and the importance of the work with heterogeneous connections between other chains.

It’s quite clear interoperability is not a short term trend, but rather a necessity in the industry as the number of blockchain protocols are growing.

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Building Awareness for Lisk & Educating about Blockchain

The WeAreDevelopers World Congress was a great opportunity to onboard developers with JavaScript experience and educate them about blockchain technology.

It was noticeable that JavaScript was one of the most common programming languages among the developers that interacted with the team at the booth during the event.

We found a mix of conversations ranging from developers looking to understand how they could use JavaScript with Blockchain to educating the concept and technology behind Blockchain. As we had the opportunity to enable meaningful discussions based on the developers existing knowledge we shared value throughout the event.

Screenshot 2022-06-20 at 13.06.58.png

The largest tech companies across different parts of the world were present sharing their latest updates on technology. AI and Blockchain were two of the topics that stood out from the crowd. It was clear that more traditional companies are starting to explore what benefits their organization and communities can have of being present in the blockchain space. Still for most, it’s just an experimental phase with a trial and error period ahead. This gives us an indication that the blockchain industry has a long future.

Blockchain Interoperability and open-source

Open-source was a hot topic during the World Congress, where many developers were looking for alternatives to their current working landscape and ways of contributing to technology in a more transparent way.

As interoperability is becoming the main driver for many of the current blockchain projects, this was also something that developers were interested in learning more about. As more and more options are growing in the blockchain ecosystem, interoperability is becoming more important for the growth of the industry.

The Web3 Concept is Growing Amongst Developers

Developers' mindsets around their work are changing and web3 is clearly an interesting candidate for that mindshift. Web3 helps developers avoid getting stuck in the project or company that actually steals the value they created.

Web3 is providing developers with more autonomy and independence than ever before. The sign was clear during the conversations and the interest during the web3 and blockchain workshops that developers are looking for options for their valuable knowledge.

The Lisk team was there to help developers understand the values and to answer questions to help onboard web2 developers into the web3 space.

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Lisk SDK Workshop During WeAreDevelopers Congress

One of the last activities during the WeAreDevelopers World Congress was the workshop hosted by Lisk. The Development team with Lead Backend Developer Ishan Tiwari, Lead Technical Writer Mona Bärenfänger and Backend Developer Rishi Mittal came well prepared from having made the presentations on Blockchain Day two days earlier.

The workshop was divided into 3 parts, similar to the agenda for Blockchain Day with an additional 30 minutes, where the team was presenting the future of the Lisk SDK.

The workshop started with an introduction to Lisk followed by a demo on how to develop a blockchain application using the Lisk SDK.

The workshop was appreciated by developers who were following along the different steps outlined, as well as giving the audience the opportunity to get a sneak peak of what the SDK has to offer in the near future.

Focus to Next Events

Being present at a developer event again has surely been valuable for Lisk and the project. We had the opportunity to create awareness, network and of course build and maintain relationships with the developer community.

Building relationships and networking with developers is key for the growth of Lisk and the ecosystem, and we see these events as an important part of growing.

Lisk is excited about the upcoming developer events this year. In which International JavaScript Conference and Lisk.js is next on the agenda to keep building awareness and more relationships.

We would like to thank WeAreDevelopers for an amazing event and time in Berlin, we hope to see you again next year!

Danke Berlin!