How to enable the "Report Misbehavior" plugin

The "Report Misbehavior" plugin provides automatic detection of delegate misbehavior and sends a reportDelegateMisbehavior transaction to the running node.

To enable the plugin on your node, perform the following actions:

1. Choose sender account

The plugin will use a specified sender account to sign the reportDelegateMisbehavior transactions. To automatically sign the transaction, the encrypted passphrase of the account must be added to the plugin configuration.

Please note that the respective account should have a high enough account balance to be able to send a misbehavior report transaction.

Encrypt the passphrase of the sender account before adding it to the configuration:

$ lisk-core passphrase:encrypt
? Please enter passphrase:  [hidden]
? Please re-enter passphrase:  [hidden]
? Please enter password:  [hidden]
? Please re-enter password:  [hidden]

2. Plugin configuration

Add the encrypted passphrase to the configuration under plugins.reportMisbehavior.encryptedPassphrase in the node configuration:

"plugins": {
    "reportMisbehavior": {
        "encryptedPassphrase": "iterations=1000000&cipherText=643bfbf1b6f1dc0ce740dd9fc9f27a682e476dc5de4e6c023deded4d3efe2822346226541106b42638db5ba46e0ae0a338cb78fb40bce67fdec7abbca68e20624fa6b0d7&iv=8a9c461744b9e70a8ba65edd&salt=3fe00b03d10b7002841857c1f028196e&tag=c57a798ef65f5a7be617d8737828fd58&version=1",
See more available configuration options at the Report misbehavior plugin reference.

3. PM2 configuration

Add the environment variable LISK_ENABLE_REPORT_MISBEHAVIOR_PLUGIN to the pm2 config for Lisk Core:

  "name": "lisk-core",
  "script": "lisk-core start --overwrite-config",
  "env": {
    "LISK_NETWORK": "testnet",
    "LISK_CONFIG_FILE": "/home/lisk/lisk-core/custom-config.json",

4. Restart the node

pm2 start pm2.conf.json

5. Authorization

The "Report Misbehavior" plugin provides a dedicated action to enable and disable the plugin on the node.

For example use the lisk-client package and write a small script which invokes the reportMisbehavior:authorize action on the node.

Install the lisk-client package:

npm i @liskhq/lisk-client

Write a small script to enable the plugin on the node:

const { apiClient } = require('@liskhq/lisk-client');
let clientCache;

const getClient = async () => {
  if (!clientCache) {
    clientCache = await apiClient.createWSClient('ws://localhost:8080/ws');
  return clientCache;

getClient().then((client) => {
	client.invoke("reportMisbehavior:authorize", {
		password: "myPassword",
        enable: true
    }).then(res => {

Execute the script:

$ node authorize-plugin.js
{ result: 'Successfully enabled the reporting of misbehavior.' }

That’s it! The "Report Misbehavior" plugin is now successfully enabled on the node.