Sounds of Web3 | How Blockchain Disrupts the Music Industry

The upcoming Blockchain Disrupts the Music Industry Event brings together two dynamic industries: music and blockchain. The event aims to explore the potential of blockchain technology to address some of the challenges faced by the music industry.

  • Berlin, Germany

  • 21. Apr, 18:00 pm - 21. Apr, 22:30 pm


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    Decentralized Streaming & Monetization The event will explore the concept of decentralized music streaming, which involves using blockchain technology to create a more equitable and transparent system for musicians and listeners. Topics covered will include the potential benefits of decentralization, challenges to adoption, and current projects in the space.

    How are NFT’s being used by creators to monetize? The panel discussion at the blockchain and music event will explore the emerging trend of "Music & NFT" by examining the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the music industry. The panelists will discuss how NFTs can be used for unique music experiences, new revenue streams, and ownership rights for artists and fans alike.

    What new roles might emerge in the music industry as a result of the shift towards decentralized platforms and blockchain-based solutions? What is the role of technology in modern music education. The panelists will discuss how blockchain technology can facilitate better access to music education resources and enable new models for music education. The panel will explore how blockchain technology can empower music students, educators, and institutions to innovate and create new opportunities in music education.

    Panel Discussions Our panelists include a diverse group of music industry professionals, from producers and singers to entrepreneurs and educators. Together, they'll explore the potential of blockchain technology to transform the music industry, improve revenue streams for artists, and create new opportunities for monetizing music and other creative content.

    Topics of discussion will include the use of blockchain-based solutions for licensing, royalties, and ownership rights, the role of NFTs in monetizing music, and the challenges and opportunities of using decentralized platforms to build communities and fan bases. Panelists will also discuss the impact of Web3 on music education and the training of future creators and music business , as well as the importance of protecting and supporting local music scenes and cultures in the Web3 era.


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