Crypto girls club and Lisk are teaming up to create the first edition of: A.I meetup.

It’s no shock that A.I has taken the world by storm recently with the recent phenomena of chat GPT. But how far will A.I. technology take us and have we reached a turning catalyst in how society will function with the powerful developments?

Join us for a networking evening and discussions with A.I experts in the space.

  • Berlin, Germany

  • 19. Apr, 18:30 pm - 19. Apr, 21:30 pm



  • 18:00pm - 18:30pm

    Open Doors and drinks

  • 18:30pm - 18:45pm

    Icebreaker & Intros

  • 18:45pm - 19:00pm

    Keynote discussion

  • 19:00pm - 19:10pm


  • 19:10pm - 21:15pm

    Networking & Food/Drinks

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About crypto girls club

crypto girls club is a community of curious learners, creators, developers and entrepreneurs with the aim to inspire women to get involved in web3, to learn and evolve; to become leaders in blockchain.


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