The 6th Anniversary of Lisk Network

Six years ago Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows launched the foundation of the Lisk network. We celebrate today by appreciating all the developments that have come, but especially by looking to the future at what is to come. Enjoy this blog post we have written to commemorate the occasion.

By Lisk

24 May 2022


Biggest achievements from the 6th year of Lisk

Lisk Grant Program Launch

Shortly after our fifth anniversary, the Lisk team launched the Lisk Grant Program. This initiative aimed at creating further scaffolding for development teams to build blockchain applications powered by Lisk. We have had great enthusiasm behind the program and many new projects have joined the network. Some of these projects include:


Along with the Lisk Grant Program, we hosted a hybrid event in Berlin, AmpliFire, in early December 2021. During this event we shared with the community our advances over the past years and our planned marketing efforts for the coming year. It was a great success with talks from Max Kordek, Head of Marketing Monica Tartau, Shustesu Toda from the SDK development team, and many more.

Other than the intended growth and focus on marketing, we also shared our planned developments in the diamond phase, which are mentioned in more detail below.

Building the team

It is evident if you have been part of the community for a while, that many of the goals laid out at AmpliFire are already coming to fruition. New members have been joining the team monthly since the start of the year, this includes new additions to the marketing, HR, and development teams. We expect more growth as the year goes on.

Technical achievements

We also saw the completion of various developments in the Lisk project. Our development team has reached many milestones including the completion of the Emerald phase last August and LIP releases in the Sapphire phase leading up to the ambition of interoperability in blockchain. Among these changes are:

We also reinstated Lisk Mobile this year for easier on-the-go access to Lisk and new documentation that includes all of the most recent updates.

Plans for the coming years

As we have already mentioned, our team is growing rapidly and we look forward to welcoming new members, but our research and development remains our key focus going forward. Of course that isn’t all that we have brewing, let’s now take a look at the coming years with Lisk.

Research and Development

Our continued endeavors into interoperability remain the focus of our research and development. Last August we proceeded from the Emerald phase into the Sapphire stage of our roadmap. The Sapphire phase will implement interoperability into the Lisk network through sidechain technology. This will allow all blockchain applications on the Lisk network to communicate with each other directly.

The finalization of the Sapphire phase will lead us to the final Diamond phase of our development. In the Diamond phase our development team seeks to reach interoperability. This will come with bridges from our ecosystem directly to chains like Ethereum, Cosmos, and Polkadot. Though these initial bridges are in the pipeline, the list of networks we would like to connect with is not yet complete.

Events and Exposure

The Lisk team is also planning on attending many upcoming events and conferences focused on developers and blockchain. The next ones being We Are Developers World Congress in Berlin, and We Are Developers Blockchain Day. This will help us gain greater exposure and make new connections with our network.

We also have some plans to attend events like:

  • The International JavaScript Conference in New York
  • Dubai Future Blockchain Summit
  • Token 2049 London

While we have plans to appear at all these events, we are still working on it and may not be able to join all of them.

Another year of Lisk

As you can see, our ambitions are great and our enthusiasm is strong. We are looking at another incredible year of development, fun, and expansion. We invite the community to raise a glass with us to Lisk on the six year anniversary of this momentous project.