Achievements of January 2022

At Lisk, transparency is one of our fundamental values. Therefore, at the end of each month, we provide you with an insightful review of the most important news, events, and achievements in a single blog post.

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By Lisk

31 Jan 2022


The release of Lisk Core v3.0.3 and Lisk SDK v5.2.1

Lisk Core v3.0.3 and Lisk SDK v5.2.1 patch releases were arguably one of the most important development updates in January. They were published for both Testnet and Mainnet and required all delegates to perform them – as they induced a soft fork. Their intention was to fix security bugs found on the transfer transaction, deserialization, and the transaction pool.

You can find all details about both updates on Github:

The release of Lisk Service v0.6.0

Last month we made some significant updates to the Lisk Service. Version 0.6.0 introduced highly-anticipated account transaction export functionality. Therefore, users can now easily export account transactions in CSV format.

You can check out all details of the Lisk Service v0.6.0 on GitHub.

The release of Lisk Mobile v.2.0.0-rc.1

In January, we were also preparing the Lisk Mobile for its official comeback in the v2.0.0 version. We published beta versions as well as release candidates – with rc.1 as the last one. All the releases addressed issues identified in testing and added new features, such as dynamic transaction fees and improved user experience and design.

We aim to publish the full version of the Lisk Mobile v2.0.0 at the beginning of February. Stay tuned!

All the details about the latest release (Lisk Mobile v.2.0.0-rc.1) can be found on GitHub.

Lisk Grant Program – The “Change of Waves”

On 31st December 2021, theWave 3 of the Lisk Grant Program ended. We expect it to be the most successful one – as we have several exciting projects accepted and many more to be reviewed. Make sure to keep an eye on the blog post with the summary of the Wave 3 – we will include all of the new “powered by Lisk” blockchain applications and showcase their main features.

As the Wave 3 had ended, the next one, Wave 4 has just started! We encourage developers and blockchain enthusiasts to collect ideas, build a team and apply for a 60,000 CHF grant and technical support. All the details about the Lisk Grant Program Wave 4 can be found here:

Brand New Discord and Biweekly Marketing update

In January, we made some substantial changes to our Discord server – the place for the Lisk community. The, our main community channel, is now more intuitive, with a friendly and better-organized structure, providing our community members and newcomers the right environment to stay engaged and interact with each other. As Discord is crucial in building and engaging the Lisk community, we aim to constantly improve it in the future to come.

With the goal of keeping our community up-to-date with our efforts and also allowing our community members to provide feedback, we introduced a new segment – Biweekly Marketing Update that complements the Biweekly Development Update provided by our CTO and Co-Founder, Oliver Beddows, on Discord.

With this Marketing specific update, we aim to update the community about the marketing plans, ongoing campaigns, and projects, as well as business development efforts for the particular period, and showcase the work behind those efforts.

We encourage you to join Lisk.Chat and take a look at all the changes and updates!

Lisk Activities Behind the Scenes

The aforementioned achievements are not the only things we accomplished in January. We started 2022 with a lot of energy and positive vibes around us. Therefore, out of the spotlight, we did many things and tasks that will prepare us for a loud and eventful year.

Most notably, we worked on a series of campaigns and projects as part of the marketing strategy for 2022 (e.g. the new Lisk Grant Program, the Lisk Ambassador Program, an improved newsletter design), opened up new vacancies, and continued our research and development efforts that will lead us to achieve our goals for this year.

Stay tuned, and don’t forget to spread the word about our achievements on Twitter so that more people will hear about the Lisk project and its potential!