Achievements of July 2022

Every month the Lisk team provides a recap of the most important news, updates, and developments in a single, convenient blog post. This month saw a new Lisk Service release, Lisk Improvement Proposals being accepted, an interview with App Developer Magazine, and a new blog post series on blockchain interoperability.

By Lisk

29 Jul 2022


Lisk Service v0.6.4 Release

Lisk Service v0.6.4 was released in early July. This release addresses the caching issues that mislead users to perform the reclaim transactions even when ineligible, thus resulting in errors. The ineligible users have an uninitialized account on the legacy blockchain (Lisk Core v2), who either have already reclaimed or are a victim of the address collision attack.

Please note that for all Lisk Service operators, it is recommended to re-index the blockchain from scratch to ensure data consistency.

For more details, you may view the Lisk Service v0.6.4 release notes.

New Lisk Improvement Proposals Merged

Two previously announced Lisk Improvement Proposals (LIPs) were accepted and merged this month.

LIP0066: Introduce tree based key derivation and account recovery

This LIP proposes methods for deriving private keys from a single source of entropy. They follow a tree based derivation approach similar to the one used for HD wallets.

LIP0067: Introduce a generic keystore

This LIP describes a format for encrypted information to be used in the Lisk ecosystem. Possible use cases include encrypting a user's private keys or a block generator module storing generator keys.

You can view all merged LIPs on the Lisk Research Page.

Manu Siddalingegowda Interviewed by App Developer Magazine

Lisk’s Head of Platform Development, Manu Siddalingegowda, was interviewed by App Developer Magazine to discuss Web3 and blockchain technology and its potential to reach mainstream adoption.

During the interview, Manu talked about his time with Lisk, how the Lisk SDK will allow developers to easily build their blockchain applications on the Lisk network, the power of Lisk’s interoperability solutions, and more.

You can read the entire interview here.

Alessandro Ricottone Interviewed by Business 2 Community

Alessandro Ricottone, Lisk’s Head of Research, was recently interviewed by Business 2 Community. Alessandro had the opportunity to talk about a variety of topics, including the Lisk Mainnet v3 hardfork, the 5th wave of the Lisk Grant Program, big problems that blockchain can solve, and many more.

You can read the entire interview here.

New Blockchain Interoperability Series Articles

This month the Lisk team started a new series of blog posts centered around blockchain interoperability. So far, 3 articles for the series have been released:

Lisk 2022 Events Summarized

In a recently published article, a summary of all the events the Lisk team has attended or participated in so far in 2022 was published. These events include the Paris Blockchain Week Summit, Blockchain Day, the WeAreDevelopers World Congress, Bitcoin Miami 2022, and Consensus.

In addition, upcoming 2022 events that the Lisk team will take part in were given as well. These events include TOKEN2049 in both Singapore and London, Blockchain Day II, CV Summit 2022, and the International JavaScript Conferences in both New York and Munich.