Achievements of June 2022

Every month the Lisk team provides a recap of the most important news, updates, and developments in a single, convenient blog post. There were many exciting things that happened this past month, such as the WeAreDevelopers World Congress, Lisk development updates, and a variety of media exposure.

By Lisk

30 Jun 2022


Lisk Service v0.6.3 Release

Lisk Service v0.6.3 was released in early June. This release addresses issues with data inconsistencies, application stability, and several other minor bugs. It also upgrades NodeJS to the latest LTS, v16.15.0.

Please note that for all Lisk Service operators, it is recommended to re-index the blockchain from scratch with the latest version of MySQL (v8.0.29) to ensure data consistency.

For more details, you may view the Lisk Service v0.6.3 release notes.

New Lisk Improvement Proposals

The research team added two new Lisk Improvement Proposals (LIP) to the Lisk Research Forum.

The first new LIP, “Define New Transaction Schema”, is part of the “Define state and state transition model” objective of the Lisk Roadmap. This LIP updates terminology used for transactions and defines a new schema for serializing transactions.

The second LIP, “Introduce a Generic Keystore”, is part of the “Improve wallet user experience” roadmap objective. This LIP proposes a standard to encrypt and decrypt information within the Lisk ecosystem.

New LSK Token Series Articles

This month the Lisk team started a new series of blog posts centered around the LSK token. So far, 4 articles for the series have been released:

Blockchain Day and WeAreDevelopers World Congress

On June 13th, the Lisk team, in collaboration with WeAreDevelopers, hosted a Blockchain Day event at the Lisk Center in Berlin. The focus of the event was interoperability, but it also had discussions on topics such as bridge hacks/security, cross-chain messaging, and other relevant Web3 topics.

June 14th & 15th was the WeAreDevelopers World Congress. During this event, the Lisk team ran a booth for JavaScript developers and blockchain enthusiasts alike. The team consisted of members from the Marketing, Development, and Research departments. JavaScript was a particular topic of interest during the interactions and discussions with visitors.

On the second day, the Lisk Development team, which consisted of Lead Backend Developer Ishan Tiwari, Lead Technical Writer Mona Bärenfänger, and Backend Developer Rishi Mittal, hosted a two-hour workshop. It started with an introduction to Lisk, and was then followed by a demo on how to develop a blockchain application with Lisk SDK. The workshop ended with a discussion on future developments on the Lisk SDK.

You can read the recap of both events here.

Max Kordek Interviews

Max Kordek, Lisk’s CEO and Co-Founder, sat down for an interview with DeFiance Media at the Bitcoin 2022 Conference in Miami. During the interview, Max explains how he first started his now 10-year journey into crypto, the importance of attending crypto conferences, and how he sees Web3 developing in the near future. You can watch the entire interview here.

Later in the month, Max sat down with The Yield for a podcast on Web3 and its potential use cases. He explains his future vision of the metaverse, gives advice on potential crypto investors that are starting out, and describes how Web3 will shape the future. You can listen to the entire podcast here. AMA Collaboration

The Lisk team was proud to collaborate with for a Twitter spaces AMA. Monica Tartau, Lisk’s Head of Marketing, headed the discussion, where she talked about all aspects of Lisk products, the Lisk ecosystem, and the vision for the future. Participants had the opportunity to earn prizes for tuning in.

You can listen to the entire AMA here.

Peter Nobels’ Article on NASDAQ and Interview with CryptoCoinShow

Peter Nobels, founder and CEO of Kalipo, wrote an article titled “How Decentralized Technology Can Change the Role of National Governments” that was featured in NASDAQ. In the article, Peter goes in depth on how Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) built on top of Web3 technology can reshape the future of democracy.

Peter later sat down with Aston Addison of CryptoCoinShow to discuss not only DAOs, but also the development of Kalipo as a project built for the Lisk Ecosystem. You can watch the entire interview here.

Miguel’s Interview about Lisk Grant Program

Last month, the Lisk team announced the start of a 5th wave of the Lisk Grant Program, which ends on August 21st, 2022. Miguel de Sousa, Lisk’s Community Lead, had an interview with TechBullion to answer questions regarding the new wave. Miguel talks about existing projects, such as Colecti and Kalipo, his role as Lisk’s Community Lead, and what the future holds for Lisk.

You can read the entire interview here.

This month a number of crypto influencers created videos on their YouTube channels, where they discussed Lisk in-depth.

Binance French Discord AMA

The Lisk team was honored to be invited to participate in an AMA on the Binance French Discord. Maxime Gagnebin, Lisk’s Research Scientist, answered a variety of questions regarding many aspects of Lisk. This included the main features of the Lisk project, the importance of interoperability, and specific projects being built from the Lisk Grant program.

At the conclusion, attendees were invited to the French channel of, where they could partake in a quiz for prizes in LSK tokens.