Achievements of March 2023

At the end of each month, Lisk summarizes the biggest achievements, news, and updates.

By Lisk

31 Mar 2023


Lisk revamped its Learn section to demystify Web3 – once and for all

What is a Blockchain? What is Web3? What are Cryptocurrencies? There are many vague and bland answers out there, full of bias and tech jargon. In our revamped Learn section, we separate fact from fiction and take you on a journey through the exciting world of Web3.

These curated articles will take your grandma down the rabbit hole and make your boyfriend understand the potential and philosophy of Web3.

The Lisk Ambassador Program enters its third iteration

We welcome new members to the Lisk family as the Lisk Ambassador Program enters its third round. Educate, engage and empower as a Lisk Ambassador and help us make Web3 accessible to everyone. While you're at it, you'll learn new skills, network and make a name for yourself with this unique opportunity.

It's your dream to make it in Web3? Make it come true and redeem your ticket to the wide world of Web3.

Lisk team participated in Paris Blockchain week

Lisk was thrilled to attend and sponsor Paris Blockchain week, one of the most eminent global Web3 gatherings of the year! Our brilliant development team was excited to join forces with numerous innovative minds, who continuously contribute towards the growth and evolution of Web3 - even amidst challenging times.

The Lisk University Program onboards the next generation of Web3 developers

Thinking about starting a career as a Web3 developer?

Peter Nobels, founder of Kalipo, has initiated a university course to help you start your Web3 career. The course is based on the Lisk blockchain platform and focuses on building Web3 applications for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

Read his inspiring story to learn more about his mission to restore a sense of balance and equality to our society, and why he wants you to be a part of it.

Celebrating Diversity in Web3 with Crypto Girls Club and Lisk

March was a month of breaking barriers and celebrating diversity in Web3! Crypto Girls Club and Lisk came together to host an all-day event to celebrate International Women's Day at the Lisk Center in Berlin.

With 300 guests in attendance, we sparked conversations around gender gaps, diversity, and accessibility in Web3.

“What excites me about this Lisk partnership is the potential synergies to be had. Lisk’s mission is to make Web3 accessible to everyone, and that’s exactly what Crypto Girls Club aims to do.” – Zoe Faircloth, co-founder of Crypto Girls Club.

Join us in breaking the bias and supporting a diverse and inclusive Web3, check the Twitter thread to catch the vibe of this evening. And more events to follow!

Dive in the future of aerospace industry with JELLYSPACE

Have you heard about JELLYSPACE? It's a groundbreaking Lisk Grant Program project shaking up the aerospace industry with the power of blockchain! Co-founders Ali Musab and Jaime Lozano recently took part in a Lisk Community call to discuss their exciting project. These masterminds are in the process of developing a revolutionary Supply Chain Management tool set using the Lisk SDK. Want to join in on the fascinating conversation? Click here to listen to the full chat!

As you can see March was a busy month for Lisk with loads going on! You can always follow us on our social media channels or join our community on Discord, so you will never miss a beat.