Achievements of May 2021

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By Lisk

03 Jun 2021


Lisk SDK Releases

Lisk SDK 5.0.5

In May we released the Lisk SDK 5.0.5. This release fixes a number of bugs in peer-to-peer, Cryptography, and Framework. More details about this release can be found on GitHub.

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Lisk SDK 5.1.0

During Lisk.js 2021 we announced the release of Lisk SDK 5.1.0. This release implements four objectives as part of the Developer Experience phase. More details about this release can be found on GitHub. For a deep dive into the Lisk SDK 5.1.0 features, make sure to check out Ishan’s presentation from Lisk.js 2021 in the published video.

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Lisk for Desktop Releases

Lisk 1.28.1 for Desktop Release

In May we released the Lisk 1.28.1 for Desktop as well. This version is a patch release that fixes a bug on the Sign-in page in the Lisk for Desktop that prevented users from connecting to custom nodes. More details about this release can be found on GitHub.

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Lisk 1.28.2 for Desktop Release

This month we also released the Lisk 1.28.2 for Desktop. This version fixes a bug that prevented Lisk Desktop from connecting to mainnet by default. More details about this release can be found on GitHub.

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Lisk 2.0.0-beta.3 for Desktop Release

Another version of Lisk for Desktop was released in May - Lisk 2.0.0-beta.3 for Desktop. This version adds support for the Lisk SDK 5.0.0 API and change of address system. More details about this release can be found on GitHub.

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Lisk Service 0.3.0 Release

In May we released the Lisk Service 0.3.0 as well. This release supports Lisk SDK 5.0.0 and includes multiple improvements that focus on the reliability of the current Service API. More details about this release can be found on GitHub.

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We have published an in-depth overview of the new steps for Lisk Development on the Lisk blog, covering the steps for both the Platform team and the UI team.

Announcing HackOnLisk

HackOnLisk is the first online hackathon for the Lisk ecosystem. In preparation for our upcoming Mainnet launch of Lisk Core 3.0.0, we decided to organize an online hackathon for the Lisk community. Announced during Lisk.js 2021, HackOnLisk is hosted on the DevPost platform giving us the opportunity to reach an already existing blockchain developer community.

Participants in the hackathon will have the chance to build a blockchain application with the latest Lisk SDK 5.1.0 using JavaScript. More details about the submission process and the requirements for the participants can be found in the blog post.

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Introducing the Lisk Grant Program

The Lisk Grant Program was created with the purpose of attracting both entrepreneurs and developers into the Lisk ecosystem to build blockchain applications. This program will allow not only the showcasing of diverse use-cases for Lisk, but also the creation of interesting tools such as custom plugins, modules, API wrappers, or new testing suites.

In order to support the development of blockchain applications on the Lisk platform, we are offering a 60,000 CHF grant per application built with Lisk SDK. More details about the Lisk Grant Program, the application process, and the requirements can be found in the blog post.

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Interoperability Solution Published

One of the main topics at our annual blockchain developer event, Lisk.js 2021, and the one we are most proud of, was the publication of the Lisk interoperability solution. Since we announced that all the research up to blockchain interoperability was completed one year ago, the main focus of the team has been on the Lisk interoperability phase of the roadmap. We have published a blog post showcasing Lisk’s interoperability solution. The Research team published 12 interoperability LIPs on the Research forum.

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We are proud to officially introduce, a more developer-friendly entry point into the Lisk ecosystem. As we move towards the production phase at Lisk, we have decided to build upon our solid base of and refresh it with a more professional tone.

Our newly acquired domain,, features a number of substantial improvements, new pages, and a refreshed design, delivering an optimal and enhanced user experience that more closely aligns with our core mission, to make blockchain accessible to everyone. A blog post highlighting our motivation for the transition to, as well as the key improvements forthcoming with the refreshed website, was published on the Lisk blog.

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Hosting Lisk.js 2021

This year’s edition of Lisk.js, our annual developer-focused event, was live-streamed from the stage in the Kühlhaus venue in Berlin and hosted fully online. Our two-day event featured a packed agenda comprising the latest cutting-edge and in-depth presentations by our research, development, and marketing teams.

These talks included the latest updates, a deep-dive into the Lisk interoperability solution, HackOnLisk, our upcoming online hackathon, a live demo, the Lisk Grant Program, and a range of presentations from our Lisk core community members who have built their own proof of concept blockchain applications using our Lisk SDK.

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Monthly AMA: Ask Max Anything

On Thursday, May 6th, Max Kordek, CEO and Co-Founder at Lisk, hosted a live monthly AMA (Ask Max Anything) on He answered questions about Lisk.js 2021, upcoming plans for Lisk, partnerships, and much more. A blog post covering the full recap of the AMA session can be found here.

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