Achievements of November 2020

At the end of each month, we summarize the top news, updates, and achievements of Lisk in a single blog post. Help us spread the word by retweeting all highlights to let more people know about what we are working on. This blog post covers the main achievements of Lisk in November 2020.

By Lisk

25 Nov 2020


3 Closed Epics of Lisk SDK 5.1.0

In November, 3 epics of Lisk SDK 5.1.0 were closed. With these epics closed and the Betanet v5 being launched next month, we decided to merge all the Lisk SDK 5.1.0 changes into the already completed Lisk SDK 5.0.0. Therefore, we closed the Lisk SDK 5.1.0 project board on GitHub. Make sure to check out the Lisk SDK 5.0.0 board.

Create monitor plugin

The goal of this epic was to create a monitor plugin that provides utility endpoints and diagnostic information about the Lisk node. More details about the 7 closed issues of this epic can be found on GitHub.

Create report misbehavior plugin

The purpose of this epic was to create a reporting plugin that supports node operators in detecting and reporting Lisk delegate misbehaviors. More details about the 8 closed issues of this epic can be found on GitHub.

Improve toolsets for UI development

The motivation of this epic was to improve the toolsets available for User Interfaces. More details about the 19 closed issues of this epic can be found on GitHub.

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Launch of Betanet v4

In November, Lisk Core 3.0.0-beta.1 was released as all the objectives of the Economics and Consensus phase have been successfully implemented into Lisk SDK 4.0.0.

This new release comes with new features on the protocol and improvements on the code level. Some of the important features are the dynamic fee system, the enhanced and improved multisignature system, the new “Proof of Misbehavior” transaction to punish violations of the Lisk BFT consensus protocol, and many more. Details about these new features and improvements are showcased in the blog post for the Launch of Betanet v4.

On Friday, November 13th at 3pm CET, we hosted a live AMA on where Shusetsu Toda and Manu Nelamane Siddalingegowda (Lead Backend Developers) answered questions from the community members about the launch of Betanet v4. We have published a blog post as a recap of the AMA for the release.

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Lisk Research AMAs Recap

In the previous months, we published a series of blog posts covering diverse research-related topics: Multisignature Accounts, New Lisk ID System, Introducing Lisk Codec, Introducing Lisk Tree, Lisk Mainnet Regenesis. After these blog posts were published, we hosted AMAs on to answer the questions of community members.

This month, we published a recap blog post for the research-related AMAs hosted this year. This Research AMA recap blog post covers the most interesting questions from the community members during the live AMAs, as well as the answers of our Research team members: Maxime Gagnebin, Alessandro Ricottone, Iker Alustiza, and Jan Hackfeld.

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Building the Nash Stablecoin Project

Kasra published on the Lisk blog a post about the Nash Stablecoin Project as part of his participation in the Lisk Builders program.

His project “Nash Stablecoin Project” represents a proof of concept blockchain application that showcases the implementation of an algorithmic stablecoin backed by a decentralized reserve that can be used in critical conditions to keep the system stable.

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Building the Lisk Voice Project

Alin published a blog post about the Lisk Voice project as part of his participation in the Lisk Builders program.

His project “Lisk Voice” represents a proof of concept blockchain application for a secure online messenger that functions by encrypting the message from the sender twice. Firstly, with the public key of the sender and secondly with the public key of the recipient. Both encryptions are added next to each other and are stored in a file that is uploaded to IPFS. Once the upload is performed, this will result in an IPFS hash. This respective hash is then stored on the chain and is public.

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Community Hero of the Month

Anonimowy891 ( username: @anonimowy891) was announced as the Community Hero of the month. His continuous dedication to offering support to our community online on and on other social media channels is very much appreciated. He is especially engaged with the Polish community, but he is as well directly involved in the development of several projects.

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Participant in the Lisk Builders Program

This month we selected one new participant for the Lisk Builders program. The project receiving the grant for October 2020 is led by Tom from Endro Labs. His project, “Decentralized” aims to decentralize, a platform which helps to connect individuals with projects in a decentralized world, and to offer more opportunities for delegates to show their contributions to the community.

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Lisk Updates from the Lisk Center Berlin

On November 20th, Lisk hosted an online event - Lisk Updates livestreamed from the stage in the Lisk Center Berlin. The event featured an introduction to the Lisk Center Berlin, Development and Research Updates, a live-coding session with Manu, our Lead Backend Developer, and a live Questions & Answers session where team members tackled questions asked by the community members on YouTube and Crowdcast.

The entire recording of the event including the presentations and the Q&A session can be watched in the YouTube video. We have also published a recap blog post of the Lisk Updates online event.

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Blockchain in Public Sector

At the beginning of the month, we published the fifth blog post from the series covering the impact blockchain technology can have on specific industries. This article dives deep into the Public Sector topic and showcases the benefits of using blockchain technology for the challenges in this industry.

Next month, another article about how blockchain technology can be applied to enterprises of another industry will be published and added to the Lisk Enterprises page.

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