Achievements of September 2022

This month saw Berlin Blockchain Week, a Lisk-SDK demonstration by EatTheBlocks, a keynote presentation by Max Kordek at Token 2049 and much more.

By Lisk

30 Sep 2022


Every month, the Lisk team provides a recap of the most important news, updates, and developments in a single, convenient blog post. This month saw Berlin Blockchain Week, a Lisk-SDK demonstration by EatTheBlocks, a keynote presentation by Max Kordek at Token 2049 and much more.

Max Kordek’s Keynote Speech at TOKEN2049

TOKEN2049 is the flagship event of Asia Crypto Week. Lisk’s Co-Founder and CEO Max Kordek gave a keynote speech titled “Interoperable Multi-Chain Web3 Future” at the beautiful Marina Bay Sands Convention Center in Singapore.

In his speech, Max illustrates the necessity of interoperability for the Decentralized Web, commonly referred to as Web3. He describes the ideas and advantages behind multi-chain and cross-chain solutions. A look into the future of Web3 brought the distinguished address to a close.

Berlin Blockchain Week

On September 14th, the Blockchain Day 2 event was hosted by the team at the Lisk Center Berlin. First up was a panel discussion, “What is the Future of Blockchain Interoperability.” Following the panel, Lisk’s Chief Research Officer, Jan Hackfeld, gave the audience insights into Lisk’s Interoperability Solution.

The next day, September 15th, was even more action-packed. The show started with the Supporting Builders from A to Z event together with CV Labs, ConsenSys and RedAlpine at the Lisk Center Berlin. It focused on funding for blockchain projects. After that, Lisk’s Head of Research Alessadro Ricottone hosted the Interoperability track at the Blockchain in Use Conference. The goal was to provide insight into the application of blockchain technology. Lisk team members also presented at the CV Summit in Zug. Manu Nelamane Siddalingegowda, Lisk’s Head of Platform Development, participated in a debate on the State of Web3 Tech. Additionally, Naureen Mustafa, Lisk’s Head of Exchange Development, held a keynote on DeFi’s potential beyond speculation.

Read a full recap of the Berlin Blockchain Week here.

Twitter Spaces AMA of Ishan Tiwari with

On Wednesday, September 7th, there was an AMA with Lisk's Ishan Tiwari on Twitter Spaces. He answered questions from and the Lisk community. The questions span various topics such as Lisk’s SDK and Grant Program, smart contracts, development, DAOs and decentralized exchange.

You can also read the AMA Recap here.

This month, Lisk was featured in three in-depth articles on Benzinga. Topics include Interoperability and the Berlin Blockchain Week.

Lisk's Head of Platform Development, Manu Siddalingegowda, discussed some of Blockchain's most significant challenges; and how to fix them. He offered solutions such as ease of onboarding, better cross-chain communication, and considering accessibility from the start in future products.

You can read the entire article here.

Max Kordek Quoted In the Press

Max Kordek commented on the Ethereum Merge for Forbes and SiliconRepublic. His quotes were very optimistic about the future of Ethereum.

Around the Coin Podcast with Max Kordek

In September, Max Kordek also had a chance to join the Around the Coin Podcast. They discussed Lisk, blockchain, the future, and everything in between. Listen at either Youtube or Spotify, links below.

Youtube Link

Spotify Link

Lisk’s Interoperability Solution On DappRadar

Why Does Blockchain Interoperability Matter? A new article from DappRadar answers that and goes in-depth on how Lisk addresses it.

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