Announcing HackOnLisk2

Following the success of our first-ever online hackathon - HackOnLisk, we decided to organize a second edition this year. To celebrate the new Lisk Mainnet v3, the Lisk Foundation invites you to join HackOnLisk2 hosted on the DevPost platform giving us the opportunity to reach an already existing blockchain developer community.

Participants have the chance to build a blockchain application with the latest Lisk SDK using JavaScript as part of one of the two given categories: DeFi and GameFi. This blog post summarizes the hackathon challenge, the prizes, as well as the judging criteria.

By Lisk

10 Sep 2021



The online hackathon is not only dedicated to individuals but also already formed teams. Participants are required to build a blockchain application with the Lisk SDK 5.1.4 using JavaScript. The application should be part of one of the 2 given categories: DeFi OR GameFi.

DeFi applications can include but are not limited to:

  • DEX
  • Lending
  • Stablecoin

GameFi applications can include but are not limited to:

  • Blockchain Games
  • Collectibles

As part of the hackathon submission, the participants should provide the following deliverables:

  • A link to a GitHub repository and other deployment files and testing instructions.
  • The name and a short description of the project in the submission's readme file.
  • A user interface for the blockchain application.
  • A video (maximum of 10 minutes) that demonstrates the submission.
  • Introduce the team, the motivation, and the blockchain application.
  • Explain the main features and functionalities of the blockchain application.
  • Include a demo of the working application.
  • A short feedback paragraph about your experience building a blockchain application with the Lisk SDK.


The prizes are split into two different categories; main prizes and bonus prizes. A total of 60,000 USD worth of prizes, as well as other non-monetary prizes, will be awarded. We will be offering three main prizes for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place for each of the two categories given: DeFi and GameFi. The bonus prizes consist of two Lisk Community Choice Awards and two partner prizes for the two categories. We will be awarding a total of 10 prizes. Further funding worth up to 1.3M USD is available for selected participants to join the Lisk Grant Program.


Judging panel

The judging panel consists of both internal and external judges who will be judging and selecting the winners of HackOnLisk2 online hackathon. An initial list of our confirmed judges is presented below.

  • Sven Wagenknecht (Editor-in-chief - BTC-ECHO)
  • Philip Vasquez (Chief Legal Officer - Digital Asset Management)
  • Shusetsu Toda (Head of SDK Development - Lightcurve)
  • Manu Nelamane Siddalingegowda (Head of Platform Development - Lightcurve)
  • Max Kordek (CEO and Co-Founder - Lisk)
  • Oliver Beddows (CTO and Co-Founder - Lisk)

More judges to be announced soon...

Judging Criteria

The judges will be following the criteria below in order to determine the winners of the main prizes as part of this hackathon.

Contribution to the Lisk Ecosystem (25%)

  • How useful the blockchain application is for the Lisk ecosystem, and for the decentralization of the web as a whole.

Originality & Creativity (25%)

  • How new and novel the blockchain application is.

Technical Difficulty (25%)

  • The level of skill or knowledge required to build the blockchain application.

User Experience (25%)

  • How intuitive and understandable the submission is for the users.

The Lisk Community Choice Award prizes will be determined by the number of likes and engagement rate on the YouTube videos. This way, the most popular blockchain application for each category will win the Lisk Community Choice Award. The other two bonus prizes will be given by our hackathon partners based on their preference through a subjective judgment process.


HackOnLisk2 is now open for registrations and submissions. The submission deadline for the blockchain applications is November 15th. Afterward, the judging panel will take around two weeks to judge and vote the winners of the hackathon. The winners will then be announced live on YouTube on December 3rd.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our hackathon partners (BTC-ECHO, CoinPost Japan, Digital Asset Management, Wachsman, Lightcurve) for their support in promoting HackOnLisk2. More details about HackOnLisk2, the given challenge, and the rules for submission can be found on the online platform. Make sure to join our Lisk community on to find your team members and get support from Lisk core community members.