Announcing Lisk Mainnet v4 Migration

After the successful Lisk Testnet v4 migration, we are pleased to announce that the Lisk Mainnet v4 migration will occur at the block height 23,390,991, which we expect to reach on the 5th of December 2023 approximately around 11:00 CET (Europe/Berlin). All the necessary products, namely Lisk Core v4.0.0, Lisk Service v0.7.0, Lisk Desktop v3.0.0, Lisk Mobile v3.0.0, and Lisk Migrator v2.0.0, are now ready for production.

By Lisk

07 Nov 2023

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Mainnet Migration

As stated before, the Lisk Mainnet migration will occur on the block 23,390,991 which will be reached approximately December 5, 2023, at 11:00:00 in Europe/Berlin. The exact time is dependent on the current Mainnet conditions and how reliably new blocks are being created.

The long awaited Lisk Interoperability vision now becomes a reality with this upgrade. This means that all blockchain applications compatible with the Lisk v4 protocol will be able to communicate with one another via the Lisk Mainchain.

To see all the blockchain applications being as part of the Lisk Accelerator program, have a look at the applications page.

Important Call for Network Stakeholders

Current Lisk Mainnet Delegates/Validators

We have written an easy-to-understand Lisk Core 4.0.0 migration guide in our Lisk documentation. Validators are required to upgrade their nodes in order to be able to continue validating new blocks after the Lisk Mainnet v4 migration.

It is important to note that the initial rounds will last for about one week, during which 101 pre-selected validators during the migration process will be generating the blocks. It is crucial that during this duration all the migrated validators follow the Migration Steps as described in the above-stated guide and register their new BLS keys.

Additionally, with regards to the block generation reward sharing with the stakers onchain, the validator commissions are set to 100% by default. This means that, initially, all block rewards go directly to validators. In order to share these rewards with their stakers, the validators will need to send a changeCommision transaction, to lower their commission.


It is extremely important to note that LSK tokens are NOT transferred on the day of the Lisk Mainnet v4 migration to ensure that funds are not lost.

In order to send new transactions post-migration, it will be necessary to download the latest version of Lisk Desktop or Lisk Mobile. However, all votes from v3 will be migrated to stakes in v4. Therefore, there is no need to recast these stakes.

Exchange and Wallet Providers

It is extremely important to STOP all deposits and withdrawals on the day of the Lisk Mainnet v4 migration to ensure that no funds are lost.

The Lisk Mainnet v4 migration will not be immediate due to the fact that once we reach the above-mentioned snapshot height of 23,390,991, the nodes will continue adding blocks to the chain until the block at the snapshot height is final. Once this is fulfilled, they will create the genesis block for Lisk Mainnet v4. This block represents the state of Lisk Mainnet v3 blockchain at the snapshot height. The v4 blockchain will start 1 hour after the final block of the Lisk Mainnet v3 was forged, meaning the timestamp of the new genesis block will be exactly 1 hour in the future of the block at the snapshot height.

Transactions happening after the snapshot height in the Lisk Mainnet v3 blockchain will be ignored for the genesis block computation and will NOT be migrated.

Additionally, to continue supporting Lisk post-migration on your platform, it is paramount that you upgrade Lisk Core to v4.0.0 and Lisk Service to v0.7.0. All required information is available in our Migration to Testnet and Mainnet blog post.

What Comes Next?

There are two LIPs that were left out of this upgrade. LIP 0047 introduces a Proof of Authority module, while LIP 0052 introduces an NFT module. Development of both of these modules are well underway and will be released shortly after, as part of a minor upgrade.