HackOnLisk Recap

Announced during Lisk.js 2021, HackOnLisk was the first online hackathon for the Lisk ecosystem. Participants had the chance to build a blockchain application with the latest Lisk SDK using JavaScript. Winners were announced during the HackOnLisk Awards live event. This blog post summarizes the hackathon challenge, all the submissions, the winners, the awards’ ceremony, as well as information regarding its next edition.

By Lisk

29 Jul 2021



Although all participants were free to get creative, we have decided to put forward a few categories to serve as inspiration. Essentially, Lisk as a blockchain application platform is still in its infancy. For this reason, we analyzed the current blockchain application landscape and suggested eight categories with the biggest growth potential.


Requirements and Timeline

As part of the hackathon submission, the participants had to provide the following deliverables:

  • A link to a GitHub repository and other deployment files and testing instructions.
  • The name and a short description of the project in the submission's readme file.
  • A user interface for the blockchain application.
  • A video (maximum of 10 minutes) that demonstrates the submission.

The submission deadline for the blockchain applications was July 9th. Afterwards, the judging panel had around two weeks to judge and vote the winners of the hackathon. The winners were then announced live on YouTube on July 23rd, during the HackOnLisk Awards event.

Prizes Overview

The prizes were split into two different categories; main prizes and bonus prizes. A total of 33,000 USD worth of prizes (paid in LSK tokens), as well as other non-monetary prizes, were awarded. We offered three main prizes for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place. The bonus prizes consisted of a Lisk Community Choice Award decided through public voting on Youtube and two partner prizes, given away by BTC-ECHO and WeAreDevelopers.

HackOnLisk Awards

Friday, July 23rd, we hosted the HackOnLisk Awards live event on YouTube, to communicate, award and celebrate the best submissions of our first online hackathon and first edition of HackOnLisk. The event featured an overview of the format, judging criteria, showcased the demo videos of the winning projects, and had the live participation of external judges such as Sven Wagenknecht from BTC-Echo, and Sead Ahmetović, CEO and Co-Founder of WeAreDevelopers


We have received 289 registrations and elected 13 of those to be considered for our 6 prizes.

Eligible and Awesome Submissions


Bonus Prizes

$3,000 Lisk Community Choice Award: PixeLisk, by Jianzhi Wang;

$3,000 BTC-Echo Award: Journals, by Tom (Endro);

$4,000 WeAreDevelopers Award: Mynt, by Frank Jia.

Main Prizes

$5,000 3rd place Award: Mynt, by Frank Jia;

$8,000 2nd place Award: Lisk RBAC, by Adrian Hupka;

$10,000 1st place Award: Journals, by Tom (Endro).

Second edition of HackOnLisk

Following the success of the first edition, HackOnLisk will return … later this year. While the date is yet to be confirmed, our online hackathon will be composed of similar requirements however will feature an extended timeline for participants to register, build, and submit, as well as offer a bigger and more diversified prize pool.

In the meantime, we would recommend all participants and community members to check out the Lisk Grant Program, which was created with the purpose of attracting both entrepreneurs and developers into the Lisk ecosystem to build blockchain applications.

This program will allow not only the showcasing of diverse use-cases for Lisk, but also the creation of interesting tools such as custom plugins, modules, API wrappers, or new testing suites. In order to support the development of blockchain applications on the Lisk platform, we are offering a 60,000 CHF grant per application built with Lisk SDK. Learn more and apply.

Finally, we would like to thank all participants for their submissions and contribution to the Lisk Ecosystem. We are looking forward to hosting the next edition of HackOnLisk and to see all the amazing projects resulting from it.

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