How to Become a Blockchain Developer?

It is not difficult to start a career in blockchain these days. There are several opportunities to become part of this growing industry; to this effect, research has shown that over $14 billion was invested in the sector in Q1 of 2022 alone. But if you have ever asked yourself, how do I become a blockchain developer, it may seem like a daunting task. This is why today we are going to discuss the requirements necessary, and how to navigate the path towards securing a job in blockchain development.

By Alex Hickey

02 Jun 2022


Table of Contents

  • Who is a Blockchain Developer
  • How to Become a Blockchain Developer from Scratch
  • How Hard is it to Become a Blockchain Developer
  • What is the Lisk Grant Program?
  • Blockchain Developer Salary
  • How to Find a Job in Blockchain

Who is a Blockchain Developer

The job of a programmer is an ongoing one. Research, exploration, and early development form the bedrock of any software project. Thereafter, however, it is a matter of finding and resolving bugs, updating the program, and adding new features. This can be pretty frustrating at times, but most developers will agree that the job is very fulfilling.

To build a blockchain project this generally requires developers to learn blockchain specific languages. There are many blockchain programming languages, but if you are already a developer, you will know that learning a new programming language takes a long time.

So with a bit of patience and a talent for using programming languages to create innovative technology, you too could become a blockchain developer.

How to Become a Blockchain Developer from Scratch

If you have yet to take any steps towards your future career, you may feel at a crossroads. Software development is a great choice of subject to consider, but if you want a blockchain job, your choices now may affect your career going forward. Learning a network specific coding language may mean that you are going to be building within that system for the foreseeable future.

JavaScript, on the other hand, accounts for many Web2 based programs (like Spotify and Twitter), as well as blockchain specific projects (like Enevti and Kalipo). Learning JavaScript offers the overall flexibility and diversity to work on other projects outside of blockchain as well, should you choose to do so.

But where does one start?

Blockchain for JavaScript Developers

Lisk offers a quick path for JavaScript developers to blockchain development. Developers have access to a simple-to-use toolkit in the Lisk SDK. This is a program that contains an all-in-one setup for you to develop and create according to your own ambitions.

JavaScript is a flexible and reliable programming language used by millions of users around the world. Blockchain systems like Cosmos and Binance have a high barrier of entrance into blockchain development; this is largely due to the necessity of learning new coding languages.

Containing libraries for easy access to different facets of blockchain technology, and a framework to facilitate network activity, the Lisk network is one of the easiest and most user-friendly systems to build in today. Above all else, the Lisk SDK works on node.js, so as a JavaScript programmer you can get straight into it.

How Hard is it to Become a Blockchain Developer

As we have seen above, the requirements to become a blockchain developer have decreased sharply over the years. This is because one of the main goals of those leading the conversation around blockchain have been focusing on mass adoption for years.

However, to become a blockchain developer some of the requirements include having a basic knowledge of blockchain protocols, strong analytical skills, coupled with good programming knowledge, and effective communication skills.

This is why Lisk is such an important project in the world of blockchain and Web3. Learning a new blockchain programming language is a process that takes time and a lot of effort. Far more people already have the tools for JavaScript development, and these are the people that Lisk invites to join the conversation.

Rather than having young developers catch up with the world of blockchain, we bring the space closer to the developer. We understand that there are clear hurdles that prevent many talented people from engaging with the larger community. This is why we have created the Lisk SDK for our users, and also why we have set up the Lisk Grant Program.

What is the Lisk Grant Program?

The Lisk Grant Program is an initiative put together by the Lisk Foundation to help build up fledgling developers. It is clear to us that we must provide a useful tool to allow easier entry for young JavaScript programmers, but keeping a spirit of clairvoyance, we also wanted to provide some monetary help too.

Thus, the Lisk Foundation is granting developers with ambitious and worthwhile blockchain ideas 1.3 million Dollars in total funding to support them with developing their ideas. This comes along with technical and marketing facilitation to enable new projects to flourish at each stage of their development, including aid through our extended community on platforms like Discord. This makes developing blockchain systems easier than ever before.

Blockchain Developer Salary

The salary of a blockchain developer is very important to consider, and one that many coming into the space are asking. Naturally, the answer will vary from company to company and ultimately will depend on your experience and qualifications. There is a lot of money in Web3 jobs, but the expectation and requirements generally reflect that.

As the demand for great blockchain developers is on the rise, we are seeing a broad range of salaries that companies are willing to pay. This also takes into account whether you are a head or lead developer, or a junior developer. If you are planning to dive into the exciting world of a career in crypto, it is important to be ambitious but always measure your expectations accordingly.

How to Find a Job in Blockchain

Nowadays there are many opportunities to secure an exciting role in the blockchain field. There are many sites offering to connect you to great projects that you can become a part of. Most projects like Lisk will have a careers portal that provides you with all the jobs available. Sites like cryptojobslist also have a plethora of vacancies available, and of course, LinkedIn is a one-stop-shop for jobs of all kinds.

Some tips for increasing your visibility:

  • Build a portfolio online of your past achievements
  • Collect as many references from colleagues and professors
  • Connect with other developers online and through live events
  • Join in developer competitions like Hackathons

Finally, if you are looking for a career in blockchain, it is easier now than it has ever been before. If you are already a JavaScript developer the future is bright. The money pouring into Web3 development is on the rise and you too can become part of a rapidly growing industry.