Lisk Grant Program: Wave 1

The Lisk Grant Program follows the successful HackOnLisk, a hackathon created by Lisk to bolster innovation in the blockchain space and incentivize creation through a series of cash prizes. A total of 1.2 million CHF in funding is allocated for the first edition of the Lisk Grant Program, a developer program dedicated to bolstering innovation and entrepreneurship in blockchain by facilitating the creation of fully-fledged blockchain-based startups from scratch.

This blog post introduces the two startups that have been selected and enrolled in the Grant Program as part of the first wave, each eligible for 60,000 CHF in funding for their individual projects. These are Enevti, a decentralized social media NFT platform, and Kalipo, a platform for the creation of DAOs.

By Lisk

20 Sep 2021


Wave 1: Selected Participants


Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 14.56.31.png

Enevti is a decentralized social media NFT platform that helps fans create an authentic relationship with their favorite influencers. Enevti can contribute to a more decentralized web by enabling direct ownership, direct relationship, and direct monetization between creator and fans. Read more about the project in their blog post.

Follow Enevti on Twitter, and reach out to the team directly on their dedicated project channel #enevti on, our community discord server.

Aldo Suhartono Putra, Chief Executive Officer at Enevti commented: “Our motivations are very straightforward. We want to make Enevti's idea a reality. Financial support from grants will really help achieve that. Not to mention, the amazing support from the Lisk Community which is very helpful too. We believe that the best way to bring innovation is through collaboration, that's what motivates us. Currently, we are preparing a technical whitepaper outlining all the novel innovation components of Enevti.”


Screenshot 2021-09-20 at 17.26.24.png

Kalipo is a DAO platform being built by the @MoostyTeam, Peter Nobels, and @xinrongding. In short, Kalipo is a platform to support Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). With Kalipo, communities can start a DAO and accomplish the following:

  • establish a “legal entity”
  • create flexible team structures
  • design & execute share distribution
  • democratize decision making
  • manage funds
  • manage collaborations, and more.

Follow Kalipo on Twitter, and reach out to the team directly on their dedicated project channel #kalipo on, our community discord server.

Peter Nobels, Product Owner at Kalipo commented: “The Lisk Grant Program is a great opportunity for our team to bring our DAO platform project to the next level. The program gives a clear structure upfront divided into milestones which are very helpful. Our ambition is to develop a full DAO platform to facilitate early project teams in the Lisk ecosystem and grow to support communities worldwide. The professional guidance and feedback from the Lisk foundation helps us to fulfill this goal. We are looking forward to this new journey!”

Apply Now for Wave 2!

We are excited to see how both projects selected for Wave 1 will develop in the upcoming months, and we will follow their progress while supporting them accordingly.

If you would also like to apply for the ongoing wave of the Lisk Grant Program, please make sure to read our dedicated program page. Once you do that you can send an application with all the required information by clicking “Apply now”. Please make sure your application follows the program’s guidelines and contains all information required. Note that incomplete applications will not be considered nor reviewed. We are looking forward to receiving your project idea so make sure to send it in a detailed and convincing manner.

We would like to thank everyone who applied for the first wave of the Lisk Grant Program. Your effort to contribute to our ecosystem is greatly appreciated and highly valued by us and our community. Please note that if your project was not selected this time around you can still apply for the next waves. Additionally, feel free to reach out to us in case you are looking for constructive feedback about your project.