Lisk at the International JavaScript Conference in Munich 2022 - Recap

The Lisk team was proud to attend the International JavaScript Conference in Munich, in which it was the main Golden Sponsor. The event itself took place October 24-28, 2022, and was a hybrid event together with the International PHP Conference.

The conference was the second event hosted by iJS this year, followed by the edition in New York in September. It was a great place for JavaScript developers and organizations to present and discuss news on the future of JavaScript.

During the event, we had the opportunity to see multiple use cases of JavaScript used for web, servers, mobile apps, games development, and more. Lisk had the opportunity to stand out in the crowd for being the go-to place for developing Blockchain Applications with JavaScript.

By Lisk

03 Nov 2022


Lisk Marketing, SDK & Platform Team at International JavaScript Conference

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Lisk had a well placed booth for the duration of the conference. Those in attendance had the opportunity to meet and chat with members from the Lisk marketing, platform, and SDK teams. The Lisk team was more than happy to help onboard Web2 developers to both the Lisk SDK and blockchain basics.

Web 3.0 The Transition to a Decentralized Web


This conference offered a fresh challenge to the Lisk team, as the general audience was composed mostly of JavaScript enthusiasts who had little to no prior knowledge of blockchain. Manu Nelemane Siddalingegowda, Lisk’s Head of Platform Development, was up to the task as he held a keynote presentation on the first day. Manu’s presentation was focused on the worldwide transition currently taking place with decentralized web, or what we refer to as Web3. He spoke about how the different layers in blockchain work, what the paradigm shift is about, and what interoperability’s future can bring to the world. Manu finished his presentation by providing examples of real world applications that are being converted from Web2 to Web3 applications. There was certainly more of a buzz at the Lisk booth after the keynote. Attendees were anxious to learn more about how they could build blockchain applications, as well as what use cases they thought could benefit the industry.

How to Build Blockchain Applications in JavaScript


On the second day of the conference, Shusetsu Toda, Lisk’s Head of SDK Development, had the opportunity to get a bit deeper with his session on how to build blockchain applications in JavaScript. During his 60 minute session, Shusetsu not only illustrated what blockchain technology is, but also how Lisk plays a role in the industry overall. He also explained the topic of interoperability in detail, as well as introduced the Lisk SDK. Shu’s presentation opened up another level of conversation at the Lisk booth, as developers had the opportunity to learn more about how JavaScript can be used to develop their own blockchain applications.

When JavaScript Met Blockchain in Munich


The International JavaScript Conference was a great place to connect with developers that have a long experience of working with JavaScript, but otherwise lack knowledge of blockchain technology. This gave Lisk a great opportunity to be seen as a leader in this field during the event. Since the conference ended, many JavaScript developers have reached out to Lisk to learn more about how they can build their ideas with the Lisk SDK. If you have an idea for your own blockchain application, be sure to check out the Lisk Grant Program.