New Projects from Web3 - Excited Indonesia

A Web3 app contest of Indonesia’s biggest exchange Tokocrypto and layer-1 blockchain Lisk revealed 54 promising Web3 use-cases. Some of them will find their way into user’s Web3 app stores.

By Lisk

15 Dec 2022


A Web3 app contest of Indonesia’s biggest exchange Tokocrypto and layer-1 blockchain Lisk revealed 54 promising Web3 use-cases. Some of them will find their way into user’s Web3 app stores.

"Of course, Indonesia is on the crypto map, duh!" That would probably be a statement by any of the more than 15 million crypto users in one of the most populous countries in the world. Indonesian crypto aficionados have made over $30billion worth of crypto transactions in 2022 alone. Where there is crypto use, blockchain adoption is usually not far away. Or as the founder of award winning Web3 project Enevti, Aldo Suhartono Putra, puts it: "From speculation comes solution."

Solutions is also where the interest of a Layer 1 blockchain protocol like Lisk converges with an abundance of brilliant Web3 talent. It is no coincidence that Enevti is one of the first and most advanced projects that entered the Lisk Grant Program.

"Enevti is an award winning Web3 social media super app that connects creators and fans through redeemable NFTs," explains Aldo. "NFTs can become more than just pixels. With redeemable utilities NFTs become an indispensable technology in our everyday life, just like social media is."

Lisk is a so-called Layer 1 blockchain, offering a building kit for Web3 projects. Unlike Smart Contract Platforms like Ethereum, Lisk's core are seamless blockchain applications that can be developed in Javascript. "Blockchain developers are one of the rarest commodities in tech today," says Lisk co-founder Max Kordek. "By allowing the complete engineering experience - from front end to all blockchain related modules - to be coded in Javascript, we open the Web3 industry to many millions of JS-developers."

Aldo from Enevti points out other attributes that made the decision for Lisk as a tech stack easy. "As a Web3 social media alternative, scalability is critical for us. Lisk offers the tools and the ecosystem to customize every aspect of our blockchain algorithm and technology."

Enevti is only the first Indonesian Web3 project in the Lisk ecosystem and there are more to follow. In December 2022, both Lisk and Enevti were invited to the annual Crypto Community day with Indonesia's biggest crypto exchange, Tokocrypto. In front of Tokocrypto's several 100,000 strong fanbase, Lisk held a Web3 app contest launched together with the exchange.

No less than 54 projects applied with a concept and a video presentation. The best three presented their ideas on the Community day and it is interesting to see what kind of applications garner the most interest in a country like Indonesia. One of finalists, YourServices, proposed a blockchain e-commerce platform for services of different kinds: home-based services, consulting services, professional and internet services. This is a good use-case especially in world regions where the core of services are delivered by individual entrepreneurs and specialists. Users of the app will use LSK Token as a payment method.

The second finalist, LiskTool, proposed an ambitious, full-fledged decentralized exchange platform including swaps, liquidity pools, staking and bridging services. The third finalist, Black Tamer Online (BTO) proposed an augmented virtual reality game (think Pokemon Go) with elements of Walk to Earn initiatives, a breeding system and play-to-earn elements as we have seen in Axie Infinity. The game tells a story of Earth unexpectedly getting connected to the Black World, which is inhabited by mythological creatures. Players are invited to explore this world and tame some of them. As a technical twist, Black Tamer proposes a dual-token system, one token for governance and staking and a second, in-game utility token for the Game-Fi aspects.

Since games like Axie Infinity had their strongest user base in Indonesia and other countries of the region, it comes as no surprise that the Tokocrypto community voted Black Tamer the winner of the Web3 app contest.

All three winners are now invited to work with the team from Lisk on a detailed concept to enter in the new and revamped Lisk Grant Program. "We did conclude the first wave of 20 grant projects, adapted and improved our approach and will launch the new program in early 2023", explains Dominic Schwenter, head of Business Development at Lisk. "One of our key features will be to support the best grant projects with up to CHF 250,000, more than quadrupling the previous ceiling."

"We are expecting great Lisk apps to be built in 2023 and beyond," concludes Max Kordek and adds with a wink: "Wen breed Black Tamer?".