Spread the word – The Lisk Advocate Program

Two new Programs allow you to join our cause and our mission. We empower you to create a better Web for everyone. Learn, connect, and grow as you embark on your journey.

By Lisk

28 Apr 2023

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We heard you loud and clear!

The response to our Lisk Ambassador Program has been overwhelming and inspiring. In response to your interest, we have decided to launch two new initiatives: the Community Ninjas and Lisk Shamans programs. Together they form the Lisk Advocate Program.

The times at Lisk, they are a-changin'

We're turning a new leaf and want to get you home. Are you an active community member yet, or still watching from the sidelines?

We are launching the Advocate Program to reward our contributing community members or to motivate you to become one. We want you to join our mission.

The Lisk Advocate Program

The Ambassador Program is already in its third iteration. See the link above for full details.

The Community Ninjas Program encourages you to get active in our community. And it rewards you for your creativity and efforts.

Our Shamans Program rewards those Lisk experts among you who are out there providing learning support for our community.

New skills, networking opportunities and mentorship await you. The juicy details? Below!

Community Ninjas

A community Ninja… …builds awareness for our ecosystem. …is active in and supports the Lisk community. …connects with and supports peers in the exclusive Discord. …learns new skills, builds confidence and grows while doing so.

The Lisk team… …wants to see you flourish in your chosen activities. …loves to see you build your reputation and network. …rewards your activities with LSK every subsequent month.

A non-exhaustive list of potential Lisk Community Ninja roles:

Social & Creative (The space to bring in new interested people)

  • Build chatbots
  • Create infographics
  • Review documentations
  • Amplify our LiskHQ posts
  • Create tools and websites
  • Alpha & Beta launch testing
  • Engage the community with your ideas
  • Translate the word into local languages
  • Feed the socials with your local language
  • Build links with university clubs and local networks
  • Be part of the conversation in Telegram, Discord, and Twitter

Technical (The space to celebrate your inner nerd)

  • Create NFT modules
  • Network at local events
  • Organize community hackathons and onboard devs
  • Test SDK tutorials, the Lisk Desktop and Lisk Mobile apps
  • Curate credible crypto news for daily community gatherings
  • Contribute to the knowledge base for the Community Ninjas Program
  • Create promotional and educational materials for the community and hackathons

Potential Ninjas are long time lurkers and active community members with a passion for Web3. Ready to embark? Tell us about your inner Ninja and why you are the right candidate for the program. Apply today!

Lisk Shamans

The activities of Ninjas are versatile. But Shamans focus on one task only: providing professional assistance to the Lisk community.

A Lisk Shaman… …has good English skills. …supports developers during hackathons. …is a renowned source of knowledge about the Lisk ecosystem. …knows where to find information on GitHub, the Lisk website or blog posts. …responds to incoming questions from our community on Discord, Reddit, and Telegram.

And every Shaman has a mentor.

Your mentor… …is your knowledge backup. …prepares you for hackathons. …onboards, teaches and trains you. …equips you with the foundational knowledge to build upon throughout your educational voyage.

Your life as a Shaman

As a Lisk Shaman, you will receive LSK rewards for your efforts, based on your previous month's activities. As you gain more knowledge, more responsibilities and rewards will come your way.

Take part in Lisk Twitter spaces, get to know the core team, attend events, and potentially become part of the Lisk core team.

Ready for your shamanic journey? Apply for the Lisk Shamans Program today!

A healthy community is the peacemaker of any Web3 project. Lisk is no exception. We rely on you to help spread knowledge inside and outside our ecosystem.

The Advocate program is our way of acknowledging your contributions. We envision Web3 as a fun, fair, and inclusive space for all Ninjas, Shamans, Ambassadors, and unicorns in our ecosystem and beyond.

A place where we build together, live together, and thrive together. We hope you'll join us.