Stake LSK tokens

How to Stake LSK Tokens?

On the Lisk network, there are two ways to earn additional LSK tokens through staking. Those are staking LSK on a validator to secure the network, or becoming a validator yourself.

Staking with another Validator

The most common method of staking LSK is by staking with another validator. This works by staking with validators who offer to share their block rewards with those who stake with them. The lower their commission % is set to, the more rewards they share.

Becoming a Validator

101 active validators and 2 stand-by validators secure the Lisk network. For every block generated by an active validator, the validator who minted it earns LSK proportional to their total staked LSK. For stand-by validators, they earn 1 LSK token reward. In addition, all validators earn the majority of the transaction fees within the block.

To become a validator, you must stake a minimum of 1,000 LSK tokens on yourself.

How to Stake with Lisk Desktop

You will first need to navigate to the profile of the validator you wish to stake with. You can do this by utilizing the search bar to search for a validator (name or address), or by going to the validator page and clicking on your chosen delegate.


On the validator profile page, click the "Stake validator" button.


Enter the amount of LSK you wish to stake with for this validator, then click the "Confirm" button. This will add the vote to your staking queue.


You may click the “Go to the staking queue” button to go directly to your queue.

From there, verify your new stakes are correct and click continue.


You’ll then be taken to a confirmation page. Again, verify your stakes and click the ‘Confirm’ button.


You’ll be prompted for your account password. Enter it and click the ‘Continue’ button to send your stakes to the network.


Why Staking LSK Matters?

While staking is a great way to earn additional LSK tokens, the act of voting helps secure the Lisk network. The more LSK tokens used for voting, the more decentralized the network is. A true decentralized network is much harder to attack as the stake required to take over the network is not feasible to obtain.

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