Achievements of May 2022

Transparency is one of the fundamental values at Lisk. That is why the team provides an insightful overview of the most important news, events, and achievements in a single blog post at the end of each month.

We saw many achievements throughout the month of May, including new product releases, team interviews, blog posts, and financial strategies.

By Lisk

31 May 2022


Lisk Core v3.0.4 & Lisk SDK v5.2.2 Releases

In early April Lisk Core v3.0.4 and Lisk SDK v5.2.2 were released together. These releases upgrade NodeJS to the latest LTS version. You can view all the release notes below:

Lisk Celebrates its 6th Birthday

On May 24th, Lisk celebrated the 6th anniversary of its Mainnet going live. The celebration began with a blog post describing some of the biggest achievements over the past 6 years. Later on, another post went into detail about 6 facts about the Lisk network. Finally, a Twitter contest was held to give away $600 in LSK tokens to the community.

New Lisk Docs

This month the Lisk team was pleased to announce an upgrade to the Lisk Documentation. This upgrade includes new sections for a more personalized user experience, easier navigation for increased accessibility and productivity, and a better UI that is more visually appealing.

You can see the new documentation for yourself at

5th Wave of the Lisk Grant Program

It has been just over a year since the announcement of the Lisk Grant Program. Since then, there have been four successful waves, with many projects now building their blockchain applications with the Lisk SDK. These projects include idntty, Topas City, Kalipo, and several others. Due to this success, the Lisk team announced the start of a 5th wave of the Lisk Grant Program, which ends on August 21st, 2022.

If you have an idea for your own Lisk sidechain application, please check out the Lisk Grant Program and apply for funding now!

New Lisk Improvement Proposal

The research team added another new Lisk Improvement Proposal (LIP) to the Lisk Research Forum. This LIP is titled “Introduce events and add events root to block headers”.

It introduces a mechanism to emit events from the application domain during the block processing. These events make it possible to provide proofs for events, proving whether an event was emitted during the block processing.

JavaScript Blockchain Series Articles

In April the Lisk content team began releasing weekly articles centered around both JavaScript and blockchain development. Throughout May, another four articles were released:

Max Kordek Talks about Web3

This month Max Kordek authored two content pieces focusing on Web3 technology. The first one was posted on Techround, where he shared his thoughts on how decentralization and Web3 is currently defining the future.

Later, on VentureBeat, he shared an even more in depth view on how the power of DAOs is about taking back control, and that they will eventually democratize the internet.

Alessandro Ricottone’s Interview with Korea IT Times

Korea IT Times conducted an interview with Alessandro Ricottone, Head of Research at Lisk, focusing on Lisk's aims of reaching interoperability. Alessandro answered questions concerning Lisk’s Roadmap, its interoperability solution, and how it will solve problems such as scalability in the future.

You can read the entire interview here.

New Lisk Foundation Stablecoin Strategy

The month of May was particularly tough in the crypto world with the fall of Luna and UST. In response to community concerns regarding the Lisk Foundation’s stablecoin holdings, Max Kordek, Lisk Co-founder and CEO, announced via Twitter the Foundation’s new strategy going forward in regards to its USDC holdings.

  • Prior to this restructuring, 24M USDC was held on BlockFi
  • 6.5M USDC will stay on BlockFi with a monthly interest payment
  • A maximal 7.5M USDC will be borrowed to various trustworthy institutions with an interest payment after 6 months
  • 5M USDC will be converted to EUR & CHF
  • 5M USDC will be sent to Bitcoin Suisse, depending on how the markets behave

It is also worth noting that April’s financial report was prepared right before this announcement, so it does not reflect this change. The upcoming May report however should accurately reflect this change.

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