Achievements of November 2021

At Lisk, we are incredibly proud of our achievements, so at the end of each month, we summarize our latest news, updates, and progress in a single blog post to keep everyone informed and up to date. Help us spread the word by retweeting all our highlights to enable more people to discover what we are working on.

By Lisk

30 Nov 2021


Lisk SDK v6.0.0 Progress Update

In November, six epics of Lisk SDK v6.0.0 were closed:

  • Use message tags and network identifiers for signatures
  • Introduce BLS signatures
  • Introduce sparse Merkle trees
  • Introduce Fee module
  • Improve plugin and channel implementation
  • Introduce Reward Module.

For more information, check out our GitHub.

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Lisk Service v0.5.0 Release

This release introduced the newsfeed feature that aggregates updates from the official Lisk blog and Twitter. It also included improvements related to index performance and blockchain data accuracy (for the Lisk Core). More details about this release can be found on GitHub.

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Lisk Desktop Releases

Lisk Desktop v2.1.0

This month we released the Lisk Desktop v.2.1.0. This version introduces the following:

  • Improvement of Lisk Desktop v2.0.0 features and the design implementation
  • Addition of a delegate failsafe banning mechanism
  • Allowance to set a custom derivation path in “Sign in”

As always, you can check out more about the update on GitHub.

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Lisk Desktop v2.2.0-beta.0

This version reinstates the Ledger hardware wallet support and includes the removal of Bitcoin support. In addition, it also introduces multiple design improvements. This beta release does not yet support Ledger Nano X and furthermore no multi-signature transactions. For beta testing purposes, we have also published a user guide that can be followed to test the Ledger Nano S with the new Lisk Desktop version.

In order to highlight the features brought by this release, we have also published a blog post about Lisk Desktop v2.2.0 which once released into production will reinstate full Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X support.

For detailed information about the project, please check out the GitHub project board.

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Presenting the NFT Module

To explain how NFTs will be implemented in the Lisk ecosystem, and how the NFT module will make them easily accessible, and usable by any blockchain built with the Lisk SDK, this month we have released a blog post as part of the interoperability blog post series. In addition to this, and to answer all the questions around this topic, our Research Scientists, Alessandro Ricottone and Maxime Gagnebin, hosted a live AMA on YouTube on Tuesday, 30th of November, which you can watch here.

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Lisk Grant Program: Wave 2

This month we released a blog post introducing the two startups that have been selected and enrolled in the Lisk Grant Program as part of the second wave, each eligible for 60,000 CHF in funding for their individual projects. These are DoEdu, a blockchain-based educational platform, and Colecti, an NFT marketplace.

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AmpliFire is coming! See you on December 2nd!

In November, the marketing efforts were dedicated to our upcoming event - AmpliFire. On December 2nd, we will present multiple announcements, the Lisk ultimate vision, and partnerships with prestigious entities that believe in Lisk and decided to collaborate with us.

You will also hear a lot about our marketing plans and ideas that will make us grow even exponentially. Therefore, don’t forget to set a reminder to watch AmpliFire live or join us in-person in Berlin!

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Monthly AMA: Ask Max Anything – November edition

On November 10th, Max Kordek, CEO and Co-Founder of Lisk, hosted the monthly livestreamed Ask Max Anything (AMA) on YouTube. He talked about the AmpliFire event, exchange listings, HackOnLisk2, the second edition of our online hackathon, business partnerships, and many more topics. Check it out and make sure to join the AMA in December!

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